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Christmas Gift Guide

If you’re stuck for gift ideas, have a read.

I like to start Christmas shopping in November so I know I have enough time to get all the presents I need to get. We all need to save some money especially around Christmas time so the gift ideas I’ll give you are inexpensive and will be worth every penny!

I personally like to get my friends and family gifts that have really been thought out. I usually give one gift that is a food they love and a present that is associated with something else they like, this could be character related, movie related, music related or if there is a particular animal or style they are into. 

I like to give them gifts that are personalised to them and not just a generic gift like a gift card. This could be a range of different things and I have some examples further on in this story.

To complete the present I then like to add something that I have personally made to give the present a handmade touch. However, I will only do this if I have thought long and hard about what I want to make. I have to give myself enough time so if I am busy and leave things to be last minute I will skip this gift and add in something else.


If you see items throughout the year or even after Christmas when products are in the sale, buy them if you think they will match what you’d want to get your loved one. I personally do this as I know I’ll always have something to give my friends and family, also most of the items are in the sale so you’ll be saving some pennies, which is a bonus.

Food Gifts

Firstly, the food gift is a pretty easy one to get, nearly everyone loves sweets or chocolate, but if they haven’t got a sweet tooth you can get them a savoury food gift.

I usually go into Poundland as they have a whole aisle of snacks, including; Cadbury’s, Nestle, Haribo and more, there is so much to choose from and it is a simple gift to add to any present. Please remember this is not an exclusive list and may not fit your family’s preferences. Also, I know Poundland is cheap but they’re just as good as supermarkets and they sell the same branded items and not everyone has a lot of money to spend around Christmas.

Sweets they sell at Poundland

If you want to buy more personal food items I would suggest taking a look at “The Chocolate Workshop” they sell amazing chocolate creations and they’re perfect if your recipient has a certain hobby or interest.

Sewing box £12.50 - Beauty Box £17

Now, if you have a gift recipient who prefers savoury, you can always go for a cheese hamper this one is from Devon Hampers and it’s £25 which I know isn’t the cheapest but it’s amazing quality and you can even take inspiration from this and purchase your own cheeses and make up your own hamper which could be cheaper.

Devon Hampers - cheese and biscuit hamper

For Him

I tend to find that buying for men is a lot more stressful than women, does everyone find that, or is it just me? This year, however, I have found some interesting and unique gift ideas that I’m going to share with you.

As I said I like to go by the recipients interests and this, of course, may be very different to what your family and friends like.

My boyfriend likes Gundam and Marvel so I have found some lovely T-shirts that he’s going to love. The Marvel Top is from an online store called “Grindstore,” they offer a whole range of merchandise from Star Wars, DC, Disney and lots more, their prices are also low prices and they give a 10% discount to students.

I knew that he enjoyed the new Infinity Wars film and didn’t have any merchandise from it so this would make a lovely gift.

Marvel Infinity Wars T-shirt £10.99

I then knew that my boyfriend was very interested in Gundam which is a Japanese anime. There are lots of model kits that you can buy but I wanted to get him something different so I used “Red Bubble” and there were hundreds of choices but this is a Gundam that he really likes so the t-shirt would compliment his interest nicely.

Gundam Banshee T-shirt £15.32

For my grandad I was able to pick up some lovely alcoholic gifts from “Boots” of course you can pick up gift sets like the ones below from most supermarkets. Also, you can get these gifts for any gender but this what I have got for my family. Please remember to drink responsibly!

Cider £10 - Guinness £12.50

Lastly, I have another Marvel gift that is perfect for any guy who likes Marvel. It’s a Guardians of the Galaxy inspired wallet and all guys need a wallet. This is a perfect one for anyone who loves this film.

Mixtape Wallet £17.99

This is in the style of the mixtape the character Starlord listens to and this is from the online store “EMP”, they have a massive amount of film and music merchandise as well as more casual clothing and accessories they are extremely well priced and their delivery is quick so if you order now you’ll get your gifts way before Christmas so you will be fully prepared.

For Her

I have plenty of gifts for her this Christmas and I even have a special DIY that you can take some inspiration from. Once again these are presents that you might not want to buy but they are to give you some ideas on where to get some interesting unique things.

Microwaveable heat pack £6.99

Sloths are a big craze this year, it seems like everyone likes them at the moment, my mum especially. This is a snuggly microwaveable heat pack that is also a cuddly toy. It’s perfect for the colder months. This gift is from “Grindstore” which again is a fantastic website and there are other animals like unicorns and alpacas, which is another craze this year.

Mary Poppins Cosmetic Bag £13.99 

Girls love a good makeup bag and this one is perfect for anyone who loves Mary Poppins (AKA) my sister. When I found this online I just had to buy it for her. This is from an online store called “I Want One Of Those” they sell a lot of Mary Poppins merchandise along with hundreds of other film merchandise. They have tons of unique homeware and toys which I would definitely recommend because delivery is very quick so they’ll be here in time for Christmas.

This gift is a DIY bauble I made for a friend who is obsessed with The Nightmare Before Christmas, now I’m not telling to you make this because it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but by all means take inspiration. You could make a Harry Potter bauble or anything that they like. This was made from a bauble from The Disney Shop which had socks in. They sell lots of these on their website and it’s like a 2-in-1 gift. You can find miniatures from most places online, but I got mine from eBay I then used fake snow and stuck it all together to make this.

Cocktail Baubles £5

Most people love a good drink at Christmas and what a lovely way to do it with these cocktail baubles they’re from “Tesco” and they’re a lovely little present to give to someone who loves cocktails. They’re only £5 and Tesco sell a lot more alcohol-related gift sets for Christmas including many gin ones which people seem to be obsessed with this year.


Now if you’re still truly stuck, then this is a definite must to read!

Funko Pop figures are a huge craze (not just for Christmas) that everyone can get on board with. They’re small figures in boxes and Funko have made thousands associating with every movie, musician and most video games.

Here are some I collect from The Nightmare Before Christmas and Harry Potter. There is an endless list of the amount of Pop figures they sell but if your recipient is interested in let’s say Disney characters, then there is definitely a pop you’ll be able to get. Here are a few websites and stores you can get Funko Pops from:

  • HMV
  • Hawkins Bazaar 
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Pop in a Box
  • I Want One Of Those 

This is a lovely addition to any present and anyone can enjoy them. Additionally, you’ll never be stuck for gift ideas again because you can at least get them a pop figure that relates to one of their interests because there are thousands to choose from.

I hope you’ve got some good inspiration from this post.

Thank you,


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