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Christmas on a Budget

Here are some tips on how to Christmas on a budget.

So Christmas has rolled around and we were not ready! But there are a few ways to budget and save this year.

D.I.Y Christmas Tree

One way to save this Christmas is to D.I.Y a Christmas tree. There are many ways of doing it on a budget. You can make a felt Christmas tree on the wall. All you need is:

Felt (in all colours). You can create decorations for the tree using felt too.

Glue so you can stick the decorations on.

Tape so you can stick your tree onto the wall. I would recommend using double sided tape .

Scissors so you can cut out your tree and ornaments. 

Make Your Own Baubles

Another way to budget this Christmas is to paint your own Christmas baubles. They are so easy to do and they are even better than bought ones because you've made them yourself!

All you need are;

Baubles (clear or white) 

Paint to paint on the baubles

Sand to fill the baubles. You can get coloured sand too

Tip: for an extra touch of sparkle, you can use glue and glitter, just to add a little something to your baubles. 

Mason Jar Candles

For an extra touch in your hallway, fire place or even bedroom you can make these easy mason jar candles. They even look good on the dinner table. 

All you need is ;

A mason jar to put your candles in

Paint to paint the mason jar

Tea light candles for the inside of the mason jar

Beads for inside of the mason jar.

A piece of paper and tape for your tree template.

Ribbon and a bell to go around the top for a finishing touch.

Budget Template

One good way to save money is to use a budget template. It will prevent you over spending and it will help you keep track of what you have spent and what you have left. You can get them off of Pinterest, Google and even create your own on windows excel.

Gift Shopping

When shopping for a gift you may struggle trying to find everyone a gift under £20. Every time I'm shopping online I always use my refine button and search prices low-high. That way it shows me the cheapest then the more expensive gifts. That way they are all in order. You can also set a budget. So you can see gifts for under £20. So you definitely know your staying in budget.

Gift Tags

When it comes to gift labels, you can easily save yourself £10 or more by using other things around the house. Instead of using gift labels, you can use left over wrapping paper, and write on the non printed side as a label. All you need is tape. It's the oldest trick in the book! 

Gift Wrapping

When you get given a gift, it looks better with ribbons and bows. But when your on a tight budget, you can't always afford pretty coloured ribbon and bows. You can always use string lying around the house and if you want it with a bit of colour, you can always paint it.

Tip: you can always add an extra bauble onto the string to add a pop of colour.

If you would like a little more than a piece of string. You can always make your own decorations to go on top.

Christmas Crafts

Another craft to save some £££ is a wooden Christmas sign. You can either hang this indoors or outdoors! All you need is a spare piece of wood (any size) and then pick your design. Once your happy with your design and placement, you can just paint. You can either use paint or spray paint. And if you want to add a special touch, you can use a glitter paint too! Christmas decorations last for years and there always more special when they're crafted yourself! 

TIP: you can always put it on your fireplace with some candles and some other Christmas decorations. Add a special touch to your living room!

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Christmas on a Budget
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