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Creative and Easy Fundraisers

Different than your average bake sale.

Photo Credit: Heather Dickson

Fundraising is sometimes the most difficult part of planning a mission trip or raising awareness for your cause. Most people use the bake sale option. This is a great idea, but sometimes it can be overdone. Although I will be talking about the bake sale, here are some other creative options that should not break the bank.

Bake Sale

Yummy treats donated to sell for your cause, what could be easier? This scores low on the creativity part, but if you can get others to donate the sweets, this one is not too hard to organize. If you go this route, I suggest staking out at college campuses, especially during finals week. Nothing screams buying sweets more than tired and stressed college kids. Plus, if you have permission, going door to door asking in the dorms is also a great way to make some cash for your cause. 

Teacher Jail

My team did this for a mission trip to Nome, Alaska. We took streamers and hung them from the ceiling in the student union. Then we asked teacher's on campus to volunteer to go to jail for an hour during the week. They set a goal for themselves to raise so much money for bail before the hour was up. The team took turns being the cop outside the jail as the teacher asked students for money for bail. The more well known the teacher was on campus, usually the more money they made. It was an easy set up that required more cooperation and time, but most were well up for the task. Plus what student would not want to see their teacher in "jail". 

Toilet Tank

This is one that was famous on my campus. Someone took a new toilet that was about to be installed somewhere and borrowed it for a week. Then throughout the week, the student would take it to a teacher's office. The teacher could pay the toilet to get it out of the office and even pay more to place it in a specific person's office or classroom. This one requires good spirit among the staff, but if they know it is for a good cause, they usually play along. This one is definitely up high on the creative list.

Present Wrap

If you talk to managers in local malls, they might just let you set up a table during the holidays to wrap presents on for your cause. I have also seen this one done on campuses as well. For this one, you will need a lot of paper and tape. It is also time consuming but another easy one. 

Garage Sale

This is always a winner as well, although low on the creativity side. We all have things we want to get rid of. Why not sell it for your cause? Involve friends and family and ask for donations for things to sell as well. They will be happy to get rid of things and for a great cause. 

Make Art

You do not need to make art per say, but if you have something you are good at making, make it. In the past, I made duct tape things, knitting, paintings, and paracord bracelets. There is no limit to what you can make and sell, especially with Pinterest in existence. This one is definitely more time to consume, but the rewards could also be greater as well. 

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Creative and Easy Fundraisers
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