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Creative LifeHacks for Removing Pet Hair

You love Fido, you just don't love the fur he sheds. These lifehacks for removing pet hair can help.

One of my best friends has a fluffy, floofy cat. This cat is one of the coolest creatures I've ever seen, primarily because he has so much attitude, he makes Grumpy Cat look mellow. As awesome as the cat is, there's one issue that made me dread going to his home: the cat hair.

Don't get me wrong. I have three cats myself, but none of them shed remotely as much as this cat did. Yet, my friend's apartment was always spotless. Eventually, I broke and had to ask how they managed to keep the apartment hair-free.

He laughed and started to tell me a couple of lifehacks for removing pet hair. They worked like charms—and that's why I'm sharing them with you.

Lint rollers work on more than just your clothes.

One of the most common methods to removing pet hair you'll see is to use a lint roller to pick up all the fluff that's shed on tables, chairs, and sofas. Believe it or not, this trick actually works pretty well—especially if you have a pet that has lots of long, waxy fur.

Run rubber gloves over the carpet to pick up fur.

To get all that pesky pet hair off a small rug or carpet, moisten a rubber glove then "pet" the carpet. For some weird reason, the hair will stick to the rubber glove, which means that you can spend less time cleaning carpets and more time petting your fluffy friend.

Oddly enough, this also works well if you want to preemptively remove dead hair from your pet's coat before it hits the floor too. Dogs and cats both love the feeling of a gloved pat!

Shocking as it may be, a pair of rubber gloves is one of the best pet hair removers furry pet owners can buy.

Use a squeegee to remove pet hair from upholstery.

Tired of running a vacuum with a terribly designed attachment up and down upholstery? Who can blame you? Believe it or not, one of the easier ways to remove pet hair from upholstery is to squeegee it up.

To do this, you'll need a rubber squeegee and just a light misting of water. Hair will get scooped up in a pinch. This is a great way to remove pet hair from a car, and is regularly cited as one of the better cleaning hacks for pet owners to know.

Dry away pet hair while doing your laundry.

We all know that Fluffy and Fido love to curl up in the laundry hamper, but that doesn't mean that you have to cope with a pile of pet hair on all your clothing. Just pop your dirty clothes in the dryer with a couple of dryer sheets before you wash them.

By letting them tumble around for 10 minutes, you're making the pet hair cling to the sheet rather than your clothes. This is one of the easiest lifehacks for removing pet hair from clothing you absolutely have to keep your things pristine.

Use a nail file or pumice stone to scrape pet hair off felt.

If you have a felt lining or a car floor that has been the victim of a hair shedding fiasco, don't fret. You can still pull the hair off in a pinch by grabbing a nail file or a pumice stone.

The porous, coarse texture catches onto pet hair and lifts it instantly. That being said, this is not a good choice for delicate fabrics. If you're trying to get hair off silk or something that can "pill" easily, you would be better off looking at other options for removing pet hair on this list.

Use a microfibre "noodle" mop to pick up hair.

Microfiber is a great material for picking up pet hair, and it actually is more effective than vacuuming at it, too. The best lifehacks for removing pet hair from hardwood flooring services involve either wearing microfiber "mop shoes" or using a dry microfiber mop to pick up that fur.

Just one little detail you should know here—don't use fabric softener on microfiber. It wrecks its ability to catch pet hair.

Use a balloon.

If you ever have played with a balloon as a kid, you already know that they are static electricity magnets—and that means they attract hair pretty well. If you're just dealing with a little bit of pet hair, then passing a balloon over your choice of surface will pick it up in a pinch.

Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

While knowing lifehacks for removing pet hair can be a great way to ensure that your home will be easier to clean, prevention is often the best way to keep your home pet hair free.

That's why part of caring for your dog at home involves keeping them groomed and making sure that they don't need to shed all over everything. It's also why caring for your cat might mean brushing their fur once a night.

If you don't have time for daily grooming, getting a pet scratcher can help out a bunch. After all, preventing major shed sessions is way easier than looking up more cleaning tips.

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Creative LifeHacks for Removing Pet Hair
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