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DIY Journal Decorating

An Activity for Fun Journaling

So, I was skimming over an old journal I used to write poetry in during high school and started feeling nostalgic. This made me want to start keeping a poetry journal again so I bought a new, plain notebook. Then I got the Idea to personalize it and wanted to share what I did. Whether you journal poetry, your day, or your activities or maybe you want to make a class notebook pretty or maybe decorate a sketchbook. Whatever your purposes are, you may find this a fun activity to do.

Step One: Gather Materials and Tools

First, you want to gather what you need for this activity:

  • A Plain Notebook: I would recommend using a hardcover notebook if you use hot glue due to possible damages. I chose a green spiral notebook with a cover band to keep it closed if I were to drop it. You could find these at Dollar Tree.
  • Stickers and the Optional Labels: I had some labels and sticker lying around, but these could be found at dollar stores like the notebook I bought. I chose Disney's Beauty and the Beast themed stickers because of my fondness of the movie. I only had plain labels, but I have seen some with themes. For example, I once found Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Labels. Note that you don't have to label your personal journals (I just like labeling all my notebooks, binders, and folders.)
  • A Hot Glue Gun and Color Glue Sticks OR Glitter Glue: Attention: kids may want adult help when handling the hot glue gun! Painful burns can accumulate if not handled carefully! My own hot glue gun was bought at Hobby Lobby, a pretty great place for DIY materials, but they could be found at Walmart. 

I used glittery glue sticks! They could be found at Dollar Tree. Note that you may want to know the thickness you need. It does vary between glue guns and sticks. Colors I chose: gold because it's pretty, then blue and silver for my Hogwart's House as portrayed in the Harry Potter movies. Go Ravenclaw!

If you don't want to use hot glue, you can alternatively use glitter glue form the bottles. They can also be found at Dollar Tree.

Step Two: Decorating Your Journal

  1. Label the journal first (if you want to) and arrange the stickers to your liking. You want to do this before the glue so you don't have to squeeze anything in.
  2. Use the hot glue gun to spread the glue around from the stick, of course, you don't need a hot glue gun if you use bottles of glitter glue. Remove the excess glue (strands that trail from where you pause to where you continue.) Note that you may want to clear it of any previous glue and in between sticks. Use one color before switching to the next. 

You can also use sequins, self-stick gems, or whatever else you would like to decorate your journal with.


And finally, your journal is personalized to your uniqueness. Or maybe you followed this to personalize a journal as a gift. This would be great to give to somebody who likes to write so long as it's them. In any case, I hope you found this to be an enjoyable DIY and hope to see you in the next one. 

If you would like to see more DIYs in the future, then I ask you to please leave a tip. This would be going to materials for those projects. If you cannot leave a tip or just might want to, then please share this on your social media or with someone that may enjoy this activity. To keep up with my DIY's, you can follow me on Twitter, @marelgado99. I hope you all are doing well. Until next time!