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DIY Recycled Halloween Ghost Decoration

Made with Recycled Materials You Already Have!

All you need are used dryer sheets, a twist tie, and a marker.

As the heat of summer fades away and the chill of the Autumn fills the air, a sense of excitement fills your bones. School is starting, it is football season, and Halloween is near! If you are an early bird for the holiday season, like I am, you will want to start decorating as soon as the weather turns.  

Halloween is magical. It is fun, spooky, and full of sweet surprises. 

As a child, you may remember seeing houses covered top to bottom with ghosts and goblins as the witches cauldron was brewing something icky on the front porch. You knew the houses with the eeriest monsters held the sweetest candy apples and had chocolate by the bundles. As an adult you may still quiver at the sight of the decorations that adorn the supermarket shelves, taking you back to a time when life was simple and sweets were good. Its never to early to rekindle that feeling in your own home by making your own awesome decorations.  

With every holiday, however, you may run into a few obstacles you want to overcome. Are you living in an apartment? Do you have a busy schedule? Are you the owner of a pet that likes to play with everything you bring in the door?

Whether you are on a budget or even if you just like to find uses for items that are normally thrown away, this project is for you. 

Apartment life can be tricky. Living in a small space with the paranoia of losing your security deposit if you hang something on your wall can be a bit daunting when trying to decorate. Do you risk monetary loss, or do you condemn yourself to live in a colorless box? This is normally the question I ask myself when looking for ways to spruce up my home. 

Fortunately, there are creative solutions! 

If you are a busy person, running to the store to gather command strips, (which can get expensive), can make the whole idea of decorating look more like a chore rather than a fun experience. Even more exhausting is when you get home and your pets want to play with all of your project material. Don't give up! Even if you have other projects in mind, this one is a great starter project to get you in the holiday spirit! 

So... how do we make these spooky little spirits?

The idea is very simple. The best part about it is that you already have the materials needed! 

Material List

1. Twist Ties from loaves of bread 

2. Used dryer sheets 

3. A marker or pen

Steps for Assembly 

  1. After doing laundry, save the used dryer sheets. Lay it on a flat surface. 
  2. Take a second dryer sheet and crumple it into a small ball.
  3. Place the crumpled dryer sheet in the center of the one you have laying flat. This will be the stuffing for the head of you little ghosty. 
  1. Wrap the flat dryer sheet around the balled up one and secure it with the twist tie. 
  2. Leave enough of the twist tie visible so you can make a small hook. This will allow you to place them on curtains, blinds, or even small door knobs. 
  3. Take a second to look at your new ghost. Adjust the flaps at the bottom until they are about even, or until one side is slightly longer than the other. Make sure the hook is on the back. 
  4. You are now ready to add the eyes. Take the maker or pen and draw two small dots on the front of your new little specter. 
  5. Attach your new friend to any place you desire. No holes needed. 

You can quickly collect an army of little phantoms to haunt your home and remind you that Halloween is just around the corner! 

Quick, Easy, and Fun! A special little spooky treat. Great for yourself or for entertaining guests. 

Disclaimer: Pets should not ingest any form of dryer sheets or foreign objects. Please be safe this Holliday season! Thank you for reading. 

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DIY Recycled Halloween Ghost Decoration
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