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Easy and Affordable Ways to Decorate Your Home Boho-Style

Wanna come home to a relaxed hippie vibe after a hard day at work? Take a look at how you can use a variety of products to express your inner bohemian.

My fireplace at home

1. Wooden storage works wonders.

Storage products with a wooden finish (especially hand-crafted) are always winners in inspiring a rustic feel. Trinket boxes, tiny chests and jewellery racks not only act as places to store all your bits and bobs — they also give an organic and sophisticated edge to any room. 

From my experience, wooden trinket boxes and containers look best when placed on a fireplace, mantelpiece or shelf — but you can put them wherever you think looks best as all homes are different. If you want to try an alternative to boxes and containers, try a wooden wall storage rack or shelf like this oak slice jewellery rack by Gorlech on Etsy, pictured below (I have one of these on my bedroom wall!).

One more tip regarding wooden storage which will spice up your kitchen — tiny handmade wooden crates look fantastic atop surfaces and can be used for storing mason jars, bottles and condiments. 

2. Candles illuminate your spirit.

It's easy to buy candles for your home with most high street stores selling them nowadays — it's also not hard to see why they are so popular with so many people feeling stressed a lot of the time. Lit candles bring a sense of calmness to any room, and simply watching them glow for a few minutes can help you find a sense of inner peace. 

Different types of containers and candle holders will also help you to get in touch with your hippie side. Candles that come in glass jars such as Yankee Candle are easier to manage as they don't run the risk of leaving wax everywhere — but don't let this stop you from using your own creativity to spruce up pillar candles that need potting in something. I find patterned ceramic bowls and cups are great for candles to melt into; if you want to remove the wax from these kinds of items, place the item in the freezer for about an hour, take out and then tap off the wax.

The same goes for tealights with finding cute holders for them — if you look online you'll find a staggering selection of tealight holders made from different materials, from wood, to Himalayan salt, to crystal. 

3. Burners blitz bad vibes.

We've all walked into a house at some point and smelt the glorious, pungent scent of Sandalwood or Patchouli oil. If you took a liking to these smells, you might want to follow these tips, because a home that smells musky, herby, and sweet is a home that echoes the flower child era. Not only that — some of the incense stick holders and wax burners you can buy look absolutely stunning. There are so many types that will help you find your zen, from Buddha statue oil burners to waterfall incense burners, in which the smoke creates a mystifying waterfall effect. 

If you have several of these items, I find placing them on separate surfaces varying in height looks good. Sometimes if you put too many beautiful items next to each other in one space, it can be an overkill, and this can distract from the spectacle of waterfall-style burners.

Incense, oils, wax melts and burners can be found in home furnishing stores and indie commerce stores, but if you're having trouble finding any of these items near you it's easy to find a wide range of these products online — reasonably priced, too. 

My very own Buddha wax burner (left) and waterfall incense burner (right)

4. Tapestries tantalize.

When you were a kid, you must have built an indoor tent with blankets, chairs and sheets at some point. It felt very cosy and safe inside, didn't it? That's how it feels when you have a tapestry pinned up on your bedroom wall when you're going to sleep at night. 

Of course, tapestries add that extra colour, spirit and a whole lot of culture to any room — they come in so many different materials and have so many interesting art styles and cultural symbols, from giant mandalas to the Jewish hamsa hand. They are a classic hippie adornment and a must-have for anyone who wants to decorate their home in a boho fashion. 

My hamsa tapestry, next to my bed

Tapestries work best in chilled-out places such as your bedroom or living room. They can be hung up next to your bed, behind your living room sofa, or on an empty wall space that's looking in need of some creativity. You can hang them up by using a railing that screws onto your wall - but if you're not able to drill holes in your walls, don't panic: placing double-sided sticky strips like Command picture-hanging strips along the top edge of the tapestry also works wonders as they hold strong and don't cause any damage when you remove them.

Tapestries don't have to just be used on walls either, y'know — if you have a coffee table that's looking a bit bare, why not spruce it up a little bit and turn your tapestry into a tablecloth?

Source: AliExpress

5. Hanging decorations add harmony.

Dream catchers, Indian fabric elephants, strings with your favourite photos pegged to them — any of these decor ideas can add an instant personality boost to your home. 

Dream catchers have been a craze for decades with their extraordinary hand-woven patterns and sacred charms such as beads and feathers, and they radiate culture. Just as traditional Indian hanging decorations do also, with colourful fabric elephants and birds attached to beaded strings.

Photos clipped onto a piece of string on your wall is also a cheap and simple way to show off your favourite moments, and also looks incredibly homely, cute and artsy. Want to add that extra dreamy touch? Use string fairy lights instead of plain string!  

Picture source: Siesta Crafts

6. Crystals create calm.

In most cases, crystals, of course, aren't just there to look stunning — if you own chakra crystals or stones, you will likely use them for their spiritual healing properties. But even if you just like to collect crystals and minerals and you are not sure where to store them, follow these tips. 

There are a number of places that crystals can be put in order to look particularly eye-catching, and bring positive vibes to any room. If you have a bookshelf or a series of shelves, I recommend arranging your crystals in the centre of a shelf as this draws attention to their beauty. Also put them on a shelf which is easy to reach whenever you want to use them. It is completely up to you, though - healing crystals have differing properties and can be used in any room of the house depending on which environments their powers work best in, so place them wherever you feel fit!

If you want a storage space that is beautifully rustic and will make your home that little bit more boho, why not invest in a crystal shelf just like the one below? 

I hope this article helped to inspire you and introduce you to exciting new ways to decorate your home! 

Thank you for reading!

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Easy and Affordable Ways to Decorate Your Home Boho-Style
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