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EXO Gift Basket

K-pop Gift Idea on a Budget

As I'm from the UK, it's often difficult to find something to buy my twin sister for birthdays and Christmas. She's an avid K-pop fan so most of the things I get are from online stores. Unfortunately, I was on a low budget this year and had to accommodate for this. Though this gift basket is specifically for an exo-l, it can easily be modified for any other K-pop fan in your life or anyone who is interested in Korean culture. So, here are the gifts and their corresponding stores:

Store 1: Seoul Bakery, Great Russell Street, London

This first gift isn't inherently K-pop related but it's really cute and it complements the theme of the gift basket well. The transparent cup comes with a pair of London patterned socks, two small circular stickers with a Korean onomatopoeic word on and an adorable miniature envelope.

Price: £3.50



I know, this is also not exo but I guess the title could be more appropriately named Korean Culture Gift Basket. Anyway, this is just a simple sheet mask that you can get from heaps of other stores (Primark have a whole range of sheet masks with different designs available), this one just happens to be from the Seoul Bakery in London.

Price: £2 I think? But you can get cheaper ones elsewhere.



I guess you could call this Korean stationery maybe? The first one is a greeting card and the second is a sticker. We're still not in K-pop territory yet but these were so cute and super cheap so I had to buy them for the gift basket.

Price: £1 greeting card

50p sticker



Small simple pocket mirror. I don't actually remember buying this to be honest? I know I was looking at it in the store but I didn't realise I'd actually bought it... :')

Price: £1 maybe?



K-pop photo cards! The first six are actually only three cards, just double sided but they are really good quality! The exo ones are transparent cards and the blackpink ones are kind of thin cardboard. The bp ones aren't of the best quality but they were cheap so you get what you pay for

Price: £1.80 per exo card

50p per blackpink card



These are all the things I got from here but there's so much more for gift opportunities! My sister doesn't really eat candy but they had cheap Pocky, Korean candy, a big bag of candy from a company that Twice had collaborated with etc. I got some lollies for myself, which were 20p each but they could also be included in the gift basket. It was actually my second time visiting but they also had these giant exo posters from their collaboration with Sketchers. You could either get a group poster or a solo member poster but they only had Jongin (Kai), Chanyeol or Minseok (Xiumin) available. I bought two of these on my first visit and they were £1.80 each. 

I would also recommend visiting for their food but I can write a separate article for that if anyone is interested.

Store 2: Kenji, Halle Mall, Manchester

I was in Manchester for a uni open day and then we went sight-seeing and this was honestly the best store there. It's so cheap and there's so many cool things here and for a whole range of people. For my sister, I got the cat badge, cat post-its and cat pen (she likes cats). I also got my mum an incense gift set kind of thing for £1 and my bestie bought an adorable phone holder that was also only £1.

Price: £1 badge

£1.50 post-its

80p pen



(This is what the phone holder looks  looks like - image from

They do have a website but it seems that you can't order from there. You can check out their products anyway but I guess if you want to buy anything, you'll have to travel to Manchester.

Here's the website. 

Store 3:

( logo)

I could honestly write so much about this store, it is just so amazing. There's so many products, and they're all so cheap and delivery is fast and free! This is essentially without the shipping fees or the month long wait. I'm very tempted to write an entire article expressing my love for this app (along with some of the many products available) because it is truly that amazing. 

But on with the gifts. I'm so disappointed that I couldn't order more things from here but I don't have a bank account or a credit card etc. My twin and I had our birthday in October and I bought a Vanilla Visa Gift Card from Wilko's with a balance of £25 (and an additional fee of £2.75) and used this to buy her birthday gifts as well as some Christmas gifts for my friends. To be honest, this app is probably why my budget is so low for the Christmas gift basket. But anyway, I had some money left on the card after our birthday and bought her last two gifts from

Chanyeol is her bias in exo, hence the keyring but they have all the members available as well as so many other kpop groups. I also had to get her the photocard album since she is collecting photocards and I did buy her a fair few for Christmas. I really wish I could've bought more gifts from here but that couldn't be helped.

Price: £2 keyring (other styles are only £1 but the onesie style was more     expensive)

£3.50 album



After reviewing all the gifts, it seems this wasn't actually all that budget-friendly... In total I probably spent around £30! However, if you order only on Joom (or other stores with cheap products—e.g. amazon and ebay) then this can easily be within your budget. Hopefully this has helped you with gift ideas for a K-pop fan (and hopefully my sister likes the gifts!)

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EXO Gift Basket
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