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Extra Income with Apps

Sign up, and earn.

This is a list of apps that can bring in a little extra side income. Referral codes and embedded referral links are throughout this article.

Lock Screen:

1. Slidejoy - An app that puts advertisements on your lock screen. Each day you will receive carats(points) that can be redeemed for cash through a PayPal account or gift cards to many major retailers.

2. S'More - Works a lot like Slidejoy, and can be used at the same time as Slidejoy. Referral Code: WJM6G7.

Shopping - Stores:

3. Shopkick - Get rewarded for checking in to stores. Earn more by purchasing scanned items.

4. IBotta - Get cash for the items you purchased. Cashback for that milk you bought at the local supermarket, or the toy you bought in the retail store. Referral code: JKWIOEX

5. Job Spotter - is an app by Indeed. Snap a picture of Hiring Sign and the Storefront, and submit. Points earned convert into Amazon gift cards.


6. Gas Buddy - is another crowd-sourced sharing app. Prices of gas from supermarkets, groceries, and gas stations are updated by users.

7. GetUpSide - A cashback app on Groceries, Dining, and Gas. Referral Code: Angel988

8. Shell Fuel Rewards - Get discounts on each gallon of gas at Shell stations. Plus additional rewards can be obtained in other ways.


9. Achievement - Is a health rewarding app, with over 30+ iOS/Android apps to connect. Earn points for walking, running, sleeping, and more. Referral Code: YACA9XHD

10. Sweat Coin - Need a little more incentive to exercise? Sweat coin rewards you for your steps. Referral code: AngelFranco372723


11. FOAP - Create a portfolio for buyers. Sell photos through FOAP mission to top brands. Turn your photos into money straight from your phone.

12. Clashot - Is another app like FOAP. But contains Ads and offers in-app purchases.


13. Opinion Rewards - Is an app that pays for your opinions. It is available on iOS. You will receive a notification when a survey is available. You answer a few short questions and get paid for the location-based info.

14. Google Maps - Has a contribution tab. As you travel with your GPS on. You can give places reviews and answer questions. Google rewards those for their help.


15. Paribus - Connect to your Amazon account. It finds a way to save you money on purchases you make. It will do all the work and notify you about the reward you are given.

16. Honey - Honey is a browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout with a single click.

Ride - Share:

17. Uber - Ride-Sharing App that can be very profitable. You can pick up PAX and take them to their destinations. Food deliveries are an option in the same app. Referral Code: 9E1XC8H9UE

18. Lyft - Another Ride-Sharing App that can be worked together with Uber. You can connect your Shell Rewards and Jetblue membership to your account. Referral Code: Angel71018

Data Collectors:

19. Mobile Performance - by Embee for Android - Just install and let the app run in the back. Collect points each day for letting it run. Then you can redeem them for gift cards.

20. Killi - Data collecting is one of many ways to earn with this app. You can also take one question surveys. Referral Code: 236120.

Get the Gas Buddy gas card and connect it to the ShopYourWay app. Then take the receipt and upload it to GetUpSide. That will give you 3 rewards in one stop. Since GasBuddy's discount comes out when it takes the money from your bank account.

A lot of this info is already in my other article for Ride-Share drivers. I have added them to this list. Since those apps can be beneficial too many.

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Extra Income with Apps
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