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Free Money Apps?

Can you really earn money straight from your phone with little to no work?

I'm sure we've all seen ads for apps on the World Wide Web somewhere giving us enticing descriptions on how to win FREE MONEY straight from your mobile phone! Sounds great, right? It has to be too good to be true, right? Well, not entirely.

Here I'll break down a few of the "free money apps" I've used in the past and tell you if they are worth your time, from my least to most favorite apps.

(As a side note, all of these apps are still currently downloaded on my phone, and I use them all frequently!)

#1 Lucktastic

What is it?

So this app is based off of winning money from virtual scratch cards—every lottery player's dream. What could be better than FREE SCRATCH CARDS?!

When you download and open the Lucktastic app, it gets you excited by showing you lines of people who have won tons of bucks on the site—It even loads by saying "Loading winning opportunities." Enticing, right? On the top of the screen, you can check out all of the big prizes everyone else has won. Sound great? It must be easy since all these other people have won!

This app gets you hooked instantly by allowing you to win $1.00 off of your first scratch card. How lucky is that? Can't be so hard! Except, when you go to hit that Redeem button, you find out you can't actually cash out only one dollar. You need $10.00 to redeem that money.

How I feel about it:

Personally, I think the app is pretty fun. You get quite a few scratch cards to play with in the morning and you even get a few unlocked at night. Just like with almost every other "free money app" though, they give you tokens as an incentive to keep playing and I'm pretty sure they aren't worth anything. But on the plus side you get tons of them!! (You can't do anything with them though so... is there a real point? No.) I think of it as a fun pastime if you're extremely bored or feeling lucky, but I personally haven't won anything but the first dollar they give you. Is it worth the download? Yeah, I guess it is, but don't expect to win much here! If you do win, however, I give you props!

#2 Perk Scratch and Win

What is it?

Perk is another scratch-off based game, but it's slightly different than Lucktastic. This one gives you daily rewards when you log in, and there are technically no limits to how many times you play the scratch-off cards. You get tokens in this app as well, and you spend those tokens to unlock the scratch-off cards. You can spend as low as ten tokens (these scratch-off cards have less rewards) up to 1,000 tokens (which obviously give you higher rewards). And what you win from these scratch-off cards is either gold tokens to spend on more scratch-offs or green tokens called "perk points." Perk points are what you'd like to win most, because this is what you use to cash out with. You can redeem things such as gift cards, cash, or spend your points for a chance to win prizes/sweepstakes. However, everyone that plays is allowed to win these sweepstakes so you may be better off saving for a gift card or actual cash. There are a few free scratch-off cards that you play to win gift cards and not perk points, and I personally like these because you don't have to spend your tokens (even though you usually get tons of tokens so you shouldn't ever really run out!).

How I feel about it:

I don't mind the app exactly. Again, it's a good pastime for someone who likes scratch-offs, but the payout is slow. You win more tokens than you'll ever win perk points. Although, this payout is more guaranteed than Lucktastic because once you get a certain amount of points, you're guaranteed money or a gift card. Gift cards cost less points generally, so that can be good for a mom going on a shopping trip or a teen going to Target. With Lucktastic, if you didn't win the big prize... well, you're flat out of luck. This game is also nice because it has a few other games that you can link up with it. You can get an app (With Perk) that allows you to earn tokens or Perk Points just by unlocking your phone. They simply display an add-on your unlock phone screen that gives you a reward to unlock. You can also download a game to win points, but I have found these to be slightly buggy. All in all, it's not a bad deal, but be careful! If you stop playing for an extended amount of time, Perk will log you out and you'll lose all your progress. However, they will send you at least one warning email before this happens so pay attention if you don't want to lose all your hard work! 

(Don't have a lot of time and you get a notification that your points will expire soon? Don't worry! Go on and get your daily reward, as long as you earn SOMETHING, they should keep your account active til you have more time!)

#3 Swagbucks

What is it?

Swagbucks is a downloadable app and a website for computer users too. This is a free money app that has considerably more things to earn money from than all the ones mentioned above. You can watch playlists of videos; on the app it will play a list of movie trailers. And on the computer you can choose from a range of varying genre of playlists, with different watch time lengths (Obviously the longer the playlist the more "Swagbucks" you earn) You can also answer a daily poll which is worth 1 SB (SwagBuck). The Discover tab on the app gives you a list of deals to earn SB from. For example, if you sign up for Hulu from the app you'll redeem 3,500SB. Pretty good deal I'd say, if you were planning on doing that anyway. So this would be a good place to look if you were considering making an online purchase- two birds with one stone! This also applies to online shopping as well with stores. You can earn a certain amount of SB per $1 you spend at select places. This app doesn't use tokens, just SB so you don't have to worry about pesky, useless tokens! Here, I am just covering the basics of the app, not the website. There is quite a bit more to do on the website as well like extra SB if you do a certain number of tasks and surveys to take. (Surveys are available on the app as well.)

How I feel about it:

Personally, I like this app, because, as I said, there are TONS of features included, and it can also be done on the computer with tons more features available. If you spend considerable amounts of time on the computer, or your phone, you can just have the playlists playing in the background on mute. Just be sure to check back often in case it freezes or when it ends. Other than that, it's a set it and forget it type thing. You can win points while doing anything else you need to do! This app is also good because you don't waste time spending tokens and if you manage to do a few of the surveys, you could get a few hundred points within 15 minutes or so! The progress is less slow on this one, depending on how much work you put into it and I'm a fan of this one as well. However, just like with Perk, if you spend too much time away from the app without earning, they will take your points away. Swagbucks will send you an alert email as well when your points are about to expire too.

(Don't have a lot of time and you get a notifications that your points will expire soon? Don't worry! Just go on, answer the daily poll and forget about it til you have time to binge watch movie trailers! As long as you earn SOMETHING they should keep your account active till you have more time!)

#4 Make Money

What is it?

This probably has to be my favorite app out of all the ones I've talked about so far. I've actually cashed out $10.00 from this app so far! I'm serious; this is not an ad for Make Money, I really got money from this app! Which is probably why it's my favorite.

This one doesn't have scratch-offs like the first two or as many things to do as the third, however it is still a good app to have. You can get 20 daily credits, and the app usually sends you a notification every day to remind you of this. And the rest of the credits are either earned from watching 15-20 second ads or by downloading apps. Now with this one, it isn't a continuous playlist of ads so you have to click on the button every time the ad is over, but that isn't really too much of a hassle. And you have three sets of lists to choose apps to download from, and you get a considerable amount of credits from each. Some ask you to complete certain tasks within the app (which usually gives you more credits however hard the task is to complete) but many just say download and open the app. Usually you have to play around (or just leave it open) for a few minutes and then you should have your credits. Sometimes it takes a bit for them to register that you have done the task, so leave the app downloaded until you redeem your credits (then you can uninstall if you want). I have sometimes not gotten rewarded for my credits but I might have just been impatient and not done it right, who knows. Also, so far from what I've seen you can leave this app alone forever and not lose your progress, so that's good right?

What I think about it:

As I said before, I love this app and use it often. I have actually cashed out twice from this app ($5 each time) by getting 5,000 credits. This app doesn't have tokens either, and it's relatively easy to get 5,000 credits by downloading the apps. (You only get +2 Credits for the videos, but they do add up after a while!) The list is constantly updated so you don't have to worry about running out of apps to download. With this, it's a fun app that you may get some good games from with a fast and east payout. I haven't had any problems with it and you don't have to worry about security with this app, because you don't put any bank information in at all! This app can upload your earnings to a Paypal account. Personally, I think this app is a must! Just like with all other "free money apps," you have to be patient with the payout and increase in credits, but it doesn't take that long and it's five more dollars than you normally would have!

(For the record, you can cash out bigger amounts, but $5 is the lowest, which is why I cashed that out.)

Enjoyed these tips?

I hope you enjoyed my review on these apps and if you decide to download any of them, I wish you good luck, and have fun earning your FREE MONEY! :)

Check out my page for any more awesome tips that you might need! 

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