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Fun and Affordable Things to Do with Friends

You'd be surprised with all the random activities out there just waiting to become long lasting memories with the best fun and affordable things to do with friends.

Let's not beat around the bush, it's clear there's a wide range of options we would all love to do when hanging or chilling with our vast array of friends and colleagues, however they are often inexpensive or far too difficult to look into. Most times, we tend to come up with our plans rather last minute, or often never at all, thereby allowing the "wind to take us" so to speak, which in my opinion is the best of strategies, but not always the most affordable. 

Spontaneity makes these following fun and affordable things to do with friends a lifetime worth of memories yet to come. It doesn't end there either, as I'm sure most (if not all) will lead you into further and father directions of inexpensive enjoyment as simple as watching the sunset. After all, it matters little what you do, only the company you bring with you truly makes a difference. 

Local Park

This may or may not go hand in hand with bike riding, but simply lounging about at the park for a full day (especially in Central Park) can be an opening of a doorway into pleasures far unbound. From picnics, to egg hunts, and beyond, there’s so much one can do in the park; it’s not just stringent upon the fun and affordable things you can do with friends, it’s open to any and every possibility imaginable. 

I myself bring all my favorite beings in the world to the park, since my dogs are my prides and joys, the park being their heaven-sent haven where the bunch of us can have a ball like no other.


Another far minuscule turnout among fun and affordable things to do with friends is go to the library. While I may not holistically recommend it, one of my more enjoyable moments while in college was when a huge group of us had gotten in trouble for parading around the library playing cops and robbers (with water guns, during finals week no less). 

Obviously this is not what you should be doing, but breaking the rules every now and then never hurt anybody. Still, there’s a plenitude of vast wonders to behold in any and every library, you need must only find them among ways your local library saves you money. Put the video game down and go read a book!


Some might not see it as such, but heading down to your local food bank, soup kitchen, or homeless shelter is one of the most beneficial fun and affordable things to do with friends, since you're giving back to the community in a myriad of ways. 

It's far better than staying in and playing video games, and maybe you'll get a friend to continue going. It's obviously not ideal, but at least you're breaking out of your comfort zone and doing something nice while with your best buds. 

Museum or Zoo

Though it may seem antiquated, a trip down to the zoo or museum (maybe even both if you're feeling up to it) goes a long, long way. Not only are you gaining insight into history and culture, you're also experiencing a closeness with nature. 

Whether you're going to the zoo or hitting the local museum, either are sure to be fun and affordable things to do with friends. It sounds boring on paper, but once you get there and begin to truly experience the worlds around you, you'll begin to see the amazing power packed into this historical locations. They can be free to enter just like libraries.

Bike Ride

Spend the day riding bikes! How could you ever decline the fun and affordable things to do with friends when cruising on bicycles? Not for nothing, but bike riding is among simple life hacks to make you healthier

Fly down to the flea markets with all of your pals, or race to any of the many free concerts there might be playing. Bike riding is so versatile you can do it anytime and go anywhere, just make sure you and your friends aren't drinking heavily while riding. 

Movie Marathon

My mother and I did this quite a few times throughout my youth; The Godfather marathon night (I was much older then), Jaws, boxer movies, such as The Hurricane and The Fighter, and many more. 

Hell one of the best iterations in my opinion are either a Lord of the Rings or Star Wars marathon; no one could pass those up. That’s why it’s probably the easiest among fun and affordable things to do with friends, of course that is only if you’re a fan of the movies.


Quite a minimal amount of folks will appreciate this one untouched activity among fun and affordable things to do with friends, despite it being one of the immediate go-tos of all of us when inside the bar or club. You’d only be bettering you and your friends’ moves if you all went out to dance, and I’m not talking about dance practice (still doable, but probably more expensive). 

Your best bet would be to find an empty studio, possibly even your own apartment, wherein you and your friends simply challenge one another in a dance off. Now you’ll finally see who’s actually got the best moves, and who’s simply been stealing them.

Board or Card Games

What better way to enjoy your time with friends (and family) than with board or card games? Monopoly is my all-time favorite go-to, but there’s also Cards Against Humanity, Sorry, Clue, and another of my more favorable additions, Risk (Catan, too). 

You’d be surprised by all the fun and affordable things to do with friends that are packed within board games. It's best for unique party ideas, for you're jumping out of you and your friends' comfort zones. You can even mix it up by playing board and card games at the same time! Make your own mega game, it beats being cooped up in the house doing nothing. 


Coming from the south, I know quite a bit about the fun and affordable things to do with friends when there isn’t very much to do from the start. While safety should be of utmost priority, bonfires are one of the best things to do if you don’t live in a big city. 

All you need is a bunch of dry sticks, a wide-open area, and some kerosene or oil. Add a little delight to the mix by bringing s’mores and games with you—hell, why not bike ride and have a bonfire?

Go to the beach.

There are so many different fun and affordable things to do with friends at the beach, whether it’s fishing, surfing, or simply swimming. Obviously this depends on your relative closeness to the coast, but a fun road trip to the beach never hurt anybody. 

Fishing isn’t always for everybody, and neither is surfing, but there’s always room to learn, and even if you or your friends just aren’t in the mood for those kind of activities, you’re at the beach after all.

Plant a garden.

Maybe not all of your friends will be down for this one, but I'm sure they'll all need it. Gardening is more for the elderly, as you might believe, but you may actually make friends by growing a garden!

In my opinion, gardening is probably the best form of meditation around. Having the ability to raise something and grow life with your homies is and should be something special among fun and affordable things to do with friends. Otherwise, you're simply doing it wrong (or with the wrong people). 

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