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Get Twitter Followers Fast and Free

Using ManageFlitter to quickly increase your followers and post your content.

Everybody wants to get more Twitter followers and preferably more followers fast. We are going to look at methods to increase the rate you get more followers. This is not going to include purchasing followers, as this could get you banned from Twitter, and most sites that offer purchased followers give followers that are fake, low quality or just bots.

We are going to have to do this manually; do the work to get quality and quantity followers to your twitter account. You're going to have to put some work into this. If you go the easy way, this usually doesn't work. If you go the hard way and the right way, then you will reap the rewards.

A great tool and a common tool used by many, as well as highly recommended by many, is ManageFlitter. This tool allows you to do everything from managing unfollowers, scheduling posts, following specific niche followers on twitter and many other functions that will help you to grow your follower base.

Go to ManageFlitter, making sure you are signed into your twitter account. Sign in and then click on "Connect to Twitter." This will connect you to your signed-in twitter account. When you first sign in, you will be on the freebie version. You can upgrade to the pro version for only $12 a month, unlocking additional useful features.

Under search and then account search, type in the niche you want to find followers for; for instance, game development. This will bring up all the people who have internet marketing in their bios and tweets. Here, you want to get more specific and change your search parameters from all fields to bio. Make sure you click on "Only Verified Accounts." Click back on "Find People" and this will bring a list of people with the niche you specified that have that listed in their bio's.

From here, just start clicking on the follow button beside each person. On the right-hand side, it will display how many follows you have clicked for the day. This will be useful to make sure that you don't follow too many people and get your account locked. You don't want to exceed 100 per day. If you do this every day, then you will be able to follow 3000 people per month.

Once you've built up people you've followed, wait about 7 days and then go back and start to unfollow people who haven't followed you back. Referred to as "Cleaning your account." This can be done under the manage and then unfollow tab. At the top, under display, you can select some filters. Make sure you have checked Exclude people you have followed in the past 7 days, exclude verified accounts, exclude people in your never unfollow group (if you have that group setup) and exclude people you've saved to process later.

Then just start clicking the Unfollow buttons below. You will want to keep the unfollows to 50 or below per day. You don't want to go over, as Twitter will see that as a mass unfollow after you have done a mass follow and again can get your account locked. This process will only take you 5 minutes or less each day and will allow you to grow your twitter following quite fast using this. It is recommended that you upgrade to pro, as this will remove the limits for follows and unfollows among other useful abilities but is not recommended. You can still follow this process with a free account, but your growth will be a bit slower.

Keep in mind that simply following and unfollowing (Cleaning your account) isn't enough. You need to provide not just any content but valuable content. Under engagement and power post (here you will need the upgraded account to take full advantage) you will get to see how many people are online during what times of the day. This will allow you to schedule posts for the optimal times for visibility in your timezone based on your current followers.

You can select a time on the shown graph and above the graph type in your tweet message. Then just hit the schedule post button and this will schedule your post for the time you have selected on the graph.

ManageFlitter also offers an analytics section that will display your followers, following, how many tweets you have, your influence, etc. That's the basics for how you can quickly and easily grow your twitter follower base and also set up your content to post at the best times for each day. The free account does have limitations, so it is highly beneficial to upgrade your account to take away those limitations and start growing your follower base much faster. 

If you found this helpful, please share this article on Twitter and Facebook.

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Get Twitter Followers Fast and Free
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