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Gifts for People Who Love to Make Things

Looking for awesome gifts for people who love to make things? These ideas are a DIY goldmine!

It's 2017, and DIY projects are as popular as they can be. That's why so many different companies have been creating kit gifts for people who love to make things of all types. (We'd even go so far as to say that they're getting to be more popular than gift cards.)

Whether it's a manly DIY project you need, a new culinary kit for your favorite kitchen queen, or a new craft kit for the fashionista in your life, finding great kits is easier than ever before. 

This holiday season, you might as well join in the DIY fun when looking for presents for friends and family. Speaking as someone who loves spending a weekend doing crafts, it can be hard to find the real "pick of the litter." Here are some that will please almost anyone on your Christmas gift shopping list...

One Gallon Microbrewing Kit by Mike Langone

Home brewing has become one of the most rapidly growing hobbies in America. Everyone's trying out their own batch of beer, and if you want to give making your own beer a try, Uncommon Goods's Mike Langone has one of the best gifts for people who love to make things that get them buzzed. 

These kits come with a cool box, instructions, and all the tools you need to make a fizzy gallon of beer. You get to choose one of two flavors, and also reap the rewards in style with special glasses, too!

DIY Computer Kit by Kano

A lot of the gifts for people who love to make things are all about food, body care, and other similarly non-techy stuff. That's why we felt it was necessary to find a DIY kit that is geektastic and educational in a techy way. 

The Kano DIY Computer Kit is designed to teach you how to program with real code and also teach you how to build your own computer out of a Raspberry Pi 3. It comes with all the hardware, rewards you for creating your own code, and lets you code apps, music, and more to your heart's content.

DIY Sushi Making Kit by Carley Sheehy

Love noshing on rolls at your favorite sushi shop? Who doesn't? For kitchen whizzes that love the idea of saving money on restaurants, this DIY Sushi Making Kit will be the best gift they can get. It comes with all the goods you need to make four full servings of sushi—minus the meat.

Learn popular sushi recipes, perfect the art of sushi, and enjoy the deliciously spicy wasabi included in this kit. No matter how you slice i, this will be perfect for the person who rolls with exotic cuisine. 

Growing Wishes Seed Kit by Uncommon Goods

This seed kit is one of the best gifts for people who love to make things, while trying out their green thumb, but are worried about not knowing what to do. All you need in order to succeed with this kit is inside—just add water, a little wish, and some hope!

This Growing Wishes Kit is also a great pick for people who enjoy spiritual gifts, or someone who might want to start a backyard garden in the spring. 

DIY Dynanometer by UGears

A dynamometer is a machine that helps measure the output of force. Normally, these will give you a readout of torque—however, this is just meant to be a cool, steampunk-y educational toy that shows people how dynamometers work. 

If you have been looking for steampunk gifts for people who love to make things with massive gears, this affordable option is a perfect gift. Impressively, it's also a kit that uses zero tools whatsoever in its construction. 

Mixology Cocktail Kit by Uncommon Goods

This creative cocktail kit will put the best sangria recipes you know to shame. Why? Because it's not "just a cocktail kit." It's a molecular gastronomy kit that teaches you how to make strong cocktails that taste amazing and look out of this world.

These unusual cocktails will wow your guests, and the would-be bartender of your group will thank you for it. That's why it's one of the best gifts for people who love to make things behind the bar. 

DIY At Home Spa Treatments by Oleum Vera

There's something innately elegant about DIY beauty products, and that's part of the reason that beauty bloggers can't get enough of them. If you aren't quite ready to venture out to craft stores to get dubious-quality bases for your skincare, then you're going to love these kits from Oleum Vera. 

All of these DIY At Home Spa Treatments are made with top-of-the-line ingredients, come with all the instructions you need, and are all natural, too. You get to choose what treatment your recipient would want to try, and no matter what your choice is, it'll be one of the best gifts for people who love to make things.

DIY Bronze Belt Buckle Kit by Gordon Bowen

We've covered drinks, tech, steampunk stuff, spa, let's talk fashion! For someone who's always yearning for a "one of a kind" accessory, this DIY Bronze Belt Buckle Kit is one of the coolest things they can get their paws on. 

That being said, this is one of the better gifts for people who love making things, but are okay with delegating the work to someone else when the time comes. After you sculpt the wax square, an artisan will cast the buckle for you. So, you won't need to melt stuff to complete this project. 

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Gifts for People Who Love to Make Things
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