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Give an Alluring Look to Your Bedroom with Contemporary Wardrobes

Stylish Wardrobes Design

With so many home renovation shows sweeping across the nation, it’s no surprise that we’re all eager to add a little bit of sparkle to our own spaces. This usually amounts to a new couch or a coat of paint in the kitchen—our bedrooms usually remain as they are, safe behind closed doors when guests come over. If you’re looking to create an alluring look throughout your whole home, including a master that you’re proud of, then it’s time for a more thorough update. Contemporary wardrobes are the ideal way to bring your bedroom into the 21st century, and you’ll get more storage space to boot.

Scandinavian Minimalism

For those who love a pared back look, this is for you! This style is all about light, airy spaces, created with neutral colours like white, grey, and pale blues. It’s easy to incorporate this look into your contemporary wardrobes too—simply have the doors painted in a light colour of your choice (white is safe and will stand the test of time) and then consider using pale timber features, for example, for the door handles. This style will look great in any home, and it’s definitely popular for a reason.

Industrial Chic

Unlike the white minimalism that Scandinavian style thrives on, industrial design is all about bringing black, metal, and raw material into your home. We think adding either matte black doors or raw timber doors, with black metal hinges as a feature. If you’re scared your home will look like a factory, contact an experienced team, and they will be able to seamlessly integrate this trendy style into your contemporary wardrobes in a subtle way.

Play with textures.

Textures throughout your room are a great way to create a more alluring space, and this can be incorporated into your contemporary wardrobesas well. This can be done by using different materials, such as raw timber or a gloss finish, or by adding handles that make a statement rather than just serving a function. Changing up the direction of your timber panelling is also a great way to create a more modern appearance, and they will definitely turn your robes into a feature piece within your space.

Go bold with colour.

Gone are the days where our only option is white doors, white floors, white walls and ceilings. Whilst this is still a great option, and will always be in fashion thanks to the Scandinavian style, another way to create an alluring space is to go bold! As we said earlier, black is a great choice for making a statement, but if you’re interested in bringing in colour into your space, you can’t go past a deep navy or sea green. Paired with pale pink, gold or marble, you will quickly create a look that exudes elegance.

Modern Extras

Having a built-in wardrobe in your home isn’t what makes your bedroom modern—it’s the added features that give it a luxurious feel. You don’t need to have a walk-in robe as big as a spare bedroom to feel like royalty anymore, and the right company will know exactly what your contemporary wardrobes need to stand out from the crowd. This could include interior lighting to make finding your favourite top easier, an accessory stand for jewellery or belts, or even a dressing table inside the space for doing hair and makeup. It goes without saying, of course, that every robe should come with a mirror, whether you’re fashion forward or more concerned with getting out the door.

There are countless ways to create a beautiful and chic space with contemporary wardrobes. At the end of the day, it’s about your personal taste and style—view this guide as a springboard, rather than a rule book. If you want a professional opinion tailored to your specific needs and architectural style, then it may be a good idea to get in touch with a professional custom builder.

We at Spaceworks are expert in providing attractive and quality joinery in Sydney. Our dedicated team is committed to provide you the best joinery services in Sydney, Australia. We provide all type of luxury wardrobes designs, custom cabinets, bookshelves design, home office designs and fold away beds and quality cabinets in Melbourne, Victoria. The company also manufactures various types of entertainment units in Sydney which complements best with your furniture.

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Louella W

Louella role encompasses general management and design consultant at Spaceworks. Spaceworks are expert in providing attractive built in wardrobes design and quality joinery in Sydney. 

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Give an Alluring Look to Your Bedroom with Contemporary Wardrobes
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