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Hacks to Brewing Better Coffee

Tips and Tricks to Jive Your Taste Buds Morning, Noon, and Night

Nothing tastes worse than the unsavory stale taste of a bad cup of coffee. Especially first thing in the morning, or whenever you start the day. Yes, I am aware that there are many other things that can assault your taste buds besides a poorly brewed cup of coffee. When you are trying to get your ass out of bed in the morning, a great cup of coffee is just what you need to make that happen. For you and all of the coffee lovers in your household, here are a few simple tips and tricks to go from brewing good coffee to excellent coffee. A great cup of coffee can mean the difference between a sluggish start to your day and a bad attitude. Why not start the day with "bring IT on!" Today is going to be productive and a busy one to conquer, whatever comes my way.

Purchase quality coffee beans.

This may mean having to pay a few extra dollars, but this will be money well spent. For example, Starbucks and Kicking Horse coffee are much more potent than Folgers or Maxwell House. This is why Starbucks and Kicking Horse coffee beans are more expensive. The more potent the caffeine in the coffee bean, this means a much better taste and aroma. Well worth spending a few extra dollars. A great cup of coffee means a great start to any day. So why sacrifice taste over cost? You will be glad you did once you enjoy that first sip of coffee. It will get you going and out the door. Efficiency is key, especially when heading out the door to beat rush hour traffic. Oh, and of course, getting to work safely and on time.

Keep coffee beans fresh.

Keeping your coffee beans fresh will also help to guarantee a great cup of coffee. Keep your coffee beans in a sealed container to lock freshness in and keep coffee beans from going stale. Keeping your coffee beans at room temperature and away from sunlight will also keep the beans fresh. Grind coffee beans the night before and put them on the side-door, away from moisture in the refrigerator to lock in freshness.

Clean your coffee brewer regularly.

Cleaning your coffee brewer regularly will get rid of any leftover stale coffee grounds that may be still lurking around, which can also impact the flavor of your cup of java. Once or twice a week, simply pour one teaspoon of white vinegar and two cups of hot water into your coffee brewer without the coffee. Let this run through twice for a complete clean of your coffee brewer. Your taste buds will thank you—not to mention those other coffee lovers you know.

Use a one cup coffee brewer instead of brewing your coffee into a pot.

Using a single cup brewer will be a lot easier to keep clean and keep your coffee fresh. Leaving coffee in a pot for twenty minutes or longer will leave it stale and unwelcome for you and everyone else. You can avoid this by purchasing a one cup coffee brewer to ensure quality taste.

Use distilled or bottled water instead of tap water.

Using distilled or bottled water instead of tap water will also make for awesome-tasting coffee morning, noon, and night. Tap water is loaded with many toxins and chemicals, which can also make your coffee taste terrible. Distilled water or tap water are free of toxic chemicals. This will also make for a great start to your day. 

Making a kick-ass cup of java will make everyone smile morning, noon, and night. Here's to great coffee and a happier and more efficient you.

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Hacks to Brewing Better Coffee
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