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Home and Gardening DIY

Are you ready for Summer 2019?

As you wave goodbye to Father Winter, you might want to consider which outdoor do-it-yourself (DIY) projects will be attempted this year. While there is always general yard maintenance and annual projects like planting flowers or vegetables, you might want to consider something different. Let's take a look at the following ideas and see if one or more perks your interest.

Try container gardening.

If you're not into the idea of tearing up part of your backyard to plant flowers or vegetables, consider adding containers in places where they will get a lot of sunshine while offering a view of their contents. Some of the containers you could consider include:

  • Flower Pots: Even a single pot on an apartment balcony can drastically change the view. Adding multiple pots stacked near one another, or positioned in a "spilled contents" arrangement, may really add to the look of your yard.
  • Metal/Wooden Troughs: You don't need a horse of course to make use of a trough. While a metal design can work, wooden designs add a lot of character. If you have the room, try partially burying it in the soil. If you lack room, place it on the edge of the porch, or deck, where there will be plenty of light.
  • Cinder Block/Rock Trough: A bit more complex in design, these are worth mentioning separately from the entry above. With a bit of planning, the trough can become a decoration itself with contents aside.

Add some decorative fencing.

While completely fencing around the yard would be a drastic change for sure, you can add sections of fencing in key areas to offer privacy, shade, and a distinguished look to your backyard.
  • Accent fencing is a simple way to frame off sections of garden or yard. It usually comes in sections that are easy to manage and can be installed with little effort. There is more than white picket fence here; look into metal decorative fencing or even bamboo-styled decorations.
  • Privacy screens are usually available in six-foot sections, and adding a few of these to block off a favorite spot near certain flower beds, a backyard fountain, or pond adds a great look and breaks up wide-open spaces.
  • If your yard already has enough fencing, contemplate treating it to an upgrade with a new stain color. Another clever idea could be to take posts, planks, or entire sections and get it laser engraved. Your yard's upgrade might become a family favorite, which is great after spending all winter indoors.

Add some wildlife.

One way to improve your enjoyment of your property is to make it a favorite spot for local birds, fish, or other wildlife.

  • Putting up some bird feeders or even a decorative birdhouse or two might invite some colorful species. If nothing else, you'll probably be a hit with the squirrels in the neighborhood!
  • Adding a Koi pond to the yard is an investment of time and money, but it can make the yard a place you'll want to spend time in. Remember that you will need to spend time feeding and cleaning your amphibian friend's new home.
  • For those living outside of the urban corridor may be able to attract deer or other animals with things such as salt licks and watering spots. Remember though, once they lose their intimidation of you and your yard, these animals will help themselves to your property's flowers and vegetable garden.

Add a new structure.

There are several DIY projects involving structures that can be an upgrade to the look and usability of your yard.

  • Upgrading or replacing a shed is always a project that adds to the look of your property. Even repainting or re-staining an existing shed can help.
  • Installing a gazebo will not only change the look of the yard, but it will also offer a shaded place that your family and guests will enjoy during barbecues and parties. These structures can be simple in design or add a cultural theme (think Oriental or Victorian styles).
  • Building a pathway with stones or other materials breaks up uniformity in a yard, and also serves as a pathway. Even a concrete section could make a big difference for you.

Selecting the right project might find you spending more time in the yard this year!

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Home and Gardening DIY
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