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Hosting a Facebook Party

Make Some Cash for Being Social!

Hosting a Facebook Monat Party is an easy and fun way to make some extra cash and get involved with an amazing company! Monat is the fasting growing company within the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, and surpassed one billion dollars in just two years of being a company. Monat produces products that are 100 percent cruelty free, toxin free, vegan, and naturally based. What sets their products a part from all others is how they work. Their products penetrate hair follicles at the very core to produce healthy locks and remove toxins from the scalp. They also penetrate the inside of each hair strand to reverse damage, prevent frizz, produce shine, thicken each strand, and lift the roots. Monat's product line includes hair products for both women and men, along with children. All adult products are also anti-aging for both hair and skin.

Simply invite your family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances to your party and get commission every time they make a purchase! Not only can you make commission, but you can also earn discounted and free products along with bonuses every time you hit a party goal!

Here’s how it works: invite at least 100+ friends to your party. I’ll take lead on posting about the products, helping you to educate your friends on what they are and how they work. You work as the middle man! Engage with your friends on the posts! Tag your friends in the comments of posts you think would appeal to them most. Communicate with your friends and make it known to them what these products have to offer. You earn 25 percent of my commission from each purchase made by someone in your party!

How can you earn discounted products? Each time you hit six sold products, you earn one product at a market partner price (40 percent off retail). You will get to choose four products of your choice to receive at this discount just for hosting a party, so this is an added bonus!

What about free product? If you should hit 125 sold items, you will earn a free product of your choice up to $75 in value! Hit 200 sold items, and earn a free product of your choice at any price value!

What about bonuses?

Below are party goals, and when you hit party goals you will receive cash bonuses. These bonuses can used as product credit or as cash payment.

Every time a member of your party enrolls as a VIP, you get a $2 bonus. Hit 12 VIPs and get an extra $10 bonus and earn $3 for any additional VIPs after!

Anytime a VIP signs up and adds a flexship, you’ll receive an additional $1. If a customer does not sign up as a VIP but does sign up for a flexship, you will get a bonus of $1 for every 2 people who sign up for one.

If someone in your party becomes a market partner, you will receive a $10 bonus! If you recruit 3 or more market partners, you will receive an extra $25 bonus on top of the $10 you received for each of them!

Should you hit over 250 sold products, you will earn an extra 5 percent commission (making total commission 30 percent) on all sales made after you hit 250 products sold!

Where to start? Contact me and I will start the party and add you as an admin. You will then go into the party setting and invite people to it. You will decide if you want your party to last 2, 3 or 4 weeks long.

Important! In order for you to receive credit for all of your sales, I will need you to fill out a Google doc where you can write in the full names of every person from your party who makes a purchase. I will compare this to my records weekly in order to pay you correctly and keep track of any bonuses you might earn.

Requirement to host a party: you MUST have either Venmo or PayPal in order to be paid. 

What is a VIP? VIP customers receive 15 percent off and free shipping on all of their purchases, and also pick a free gift on every purchase they make over $84. To become a VIP, a customer must place an order of $84+ and pay a one time VIP sign up fee. The sign up fee guarantees a life time 15 percent discount on all products, free shipping on every order, a birthday gift each year, unlimited free product and exclusive offers. VIP is ideal for any customer who intends on making future purchases and wants to save money on shipping and product costs. 

What is a flexship? A customer can sign up for a flexship, meaning they can select an automatic reshipment of items. They can chose the date when they would like to receive their next order without ever having to login and repurchase their products for a second time. A customer can select as many dates as they would like to receive products on. 

When will you get paid? Party hosts will be paid at the end period of their party via Venmo or PayPal.

Hosting a Monat Facebook party is the perfect way to not only get involved with an amazing business, but a chance to earn extra cash and discounted product all while connecting with friends and family.

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Hosting a Facebook Party
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