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How Art Makes Me Forget About the Heat of Summer

Because, Frankly, I Would Do Anything to Escape the Heat

If you're one of the lucky residents of Southern California at this time, you know the feeling of the sun beating down in waves and the engulfment of your surroundings in the hot, muggy substance we call air. 

And, hey, I'm not saying that this isn't occurring all over the world, but this is just my personal experience of the SoCal heat this summer. 

For most people, the way to come to terms with the heat (or just avoid it entirely) is to blast the AC if you're lucky enough to have it, go to some area that has water you can submerge yourself in (the beach, a pool, etc.), drive to some crowded but air-conditioned spot such as the shopping mall, or just give your body to the demon of hell that is choosing to curse your domicile with the unwanted presence of heat. It's your choice, after all. 

However, for me, I'm choosing a middle ground. How do you do this, you ask? Well, you start off by creating. 


You heard me. I said creating, which in loose terms, means to bring something into existence. Keep yourself busy with things you love. And for me, this thing is art. 

Although I may be just sitting in my house, which is hot AF inside, I'm keeping myself busy and entertained. I sit with my little set-up of paintbrushes, water, paper, pens, pencils, whatever. And I just make things. 

You're probably wondering at this point how this keeps me from wanting to melt into a puddle. Well, it doesn't exactly prevent this thought from entering my mindscape, but it helps to redirect it... into painting. 

I learn to let go of my thoughts that are angry at the heat, and I just use them as a way to fuel the fire which is painting for me. 

Obviously, I don't trap myself in a torture chamber of heat, and I still take care of my needs while painting. But, for some reason, painting just helps me exist in the realm of hot air and survive happily.

I get so many things out of it, too. I spend my time in the heat creating content I can use to promote myself as an artist and satisfy my creative urges. I can have peace of mind watching my pencil or paintbrush dance across the page. 

But these aren't the only ways to use art to "escape" the potent high temperatures. 

Art can take shape in many forms, art is basically just a conduit for your creative channel that comes through you! Maybe art is making a fruit smoothie but making it look super extra and delicious, OR writing an article here on Vocal, OR painting your nails outside and feeling the sun rays on your toes, OR singing a little song to get you going. I definitely did not list all the possible ways to enjoy yourself by making art on a hot summer day. The list is endless!

Go find a way to take refuge in your artistic practice, and defeat the heat!



P.S. don't forget to stay hydrated in these tough time!

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How Art Makes Me Forget About the Heat of Summer
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