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How To Clean a Nespresso Machine

They may make an irresistible blend of espresso and coffee, but when it comes time to clean a Nespresso machine, they're not so irresistible after all. I'm here to change that thought.

Who doesn't love coffee? About four to five cups each day is what it takes to keep me going at light speed—I'm living, breathing proof that coffee can impact your mood. Except, while everyone is dashing off to their nearest Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts, I prefer to enjoy my morning cup o' Joe the right way; through the soothing, home brewing machine of Nespresso fame. My personal VertuoLine makes the most elegant, smooth and rich morning beverages, with sweet creamy foam that's almost more delicious than the very espresso and coffee blend that hides like an iceberg below its surface. 

However, I always hear the same old complaints from everybody I know; this and that about its price tag, its weight and bulkiness, its color or even design. I can see the difficulty of getting around these issues, but more often than not, I hear that it's too difficult to clean a Nespresso machine, especially if you're already familiar with how to clean your coffee maker. This is just borderline laziness talking, They specifically make the machines simple and easy to clean — you just have to find the right way to do it for yourself. In the hopes of getting you the coffee taste as good as you deserve, I present the most efficient descaling process and all around cleaning method for coffee machines. 

Using the Machine

All Nespresso machine lines have their own internal cleaning, or "descaling," process. For instance, to clean my VertuoLine, I press and hold the singular button for seven seconds. The Prodigio requires you to press all three buttons for three seconds.

The other three machine makes, the Pixie, Inissia, and Citiz, have two buttons that flash at the same time, which you press for three seconds. It's that simple to clean your Nespresso machine—or at least, to tell your machine to clean itself. Wait ten minutes before the process is complete. 


Some people think that the descaling process requires dismantling the machine, but they're wrong. Descaling any coffee machine is necessary to keep the machine running smoothly and to keep your coffee just as smooth. If you want the best in both taste and performance, descaling the entire machine will do just that. 

Don't believe me? Ask calcium and lime. Over a period of time, these two build up in the interior of the system, infecting not only the water reservoir, but the entire Nespresso machine. This can damage the system, making it work slower, and will also ensure that your coffee is far from delectable. In order to make the most out of your descaling process, you'll want to use specific solutions to combat them in the future. 

The VertuoLine:

The Pixie:




Cleaning coffee machines most often comes down to simply using the cleanest water available. This could mean buying a filter that can be attached to the water reservoir, or you can use mineral water as a substitute. Filtering is the easiest way to keep clean a Nespresso machine, all while making continuous cups without concern. 

Maintain the water, as well. Keep the water reservoir as clean as the mug or glass you drink from. It's important to understand that the cleaner and less tampered-with water you use, the cleaner your machine will be, and the fresher your beverage will taste.

Unused Capsules

I go through this all the time, and I'm sure you or someone you know does it as well: leaving capsules inside the machine for far too longer than they needs to be. That's a killer, and probably most simple tip to keeping a Nespresso machine clean. 

Just throw it out! How hard can that be? This goes back to the laziness factor; if you want quality coffee that's made from the most sophisticated Nespresso machine, you'll have to take care of it. This means emptying the nozzle after you've made a fresh mug. It's that simple. 

Home Brew Solution

If you want to be extra sure about your Nespresso machine's care, make your own mixture of descaling solution. There are many methods, but just like when cleaning a Keurig machine, it's most important to maintain a 50/50 water ratio between either lemon juice or vinegar if you're going to do it that way. 

If you want to use citric acid, you need 20 parts water and one part acid. Brew the largest amount possible in the machine and let it actually clean itself for once. That's one of the best ways to clean your Nespresso machine — but what about maintaining that freshness into the future?

Descaling Solution by Nespresso

There's a Nespresso-powered formula for those who are too wary about doing the cleaning themselves. Most people use this product, or the kit, in order to clean a Nespresso machine. This is mainly because it's made by the same manufacturers of the machine, and because it's simplest. 

Nespresso's descaling solution is compatible for all models and comes with 2 packets of 100 milliliters of solution. There's also a guide to using the formula, but it's simple enough to use. 

Descaling Tablets by Seed

This is a universal way to clean your Nespresso machine that was handpicked by me. Made by Seed, these truly crafty tablets make for the best dispenser cleaner and will give your coffee a whole new level of flavor that's unbeatable. I use them all the time!

Almost everyone tends to forget that the coffee itself comes from the packet and the nozzle, which can get clogged and gross if not properly cleaned and maintained. Using Seed's descaling tablets, you'll clean the entire machine and drip tray, as well as the interior dispenser. 

Drill Powered Cleaning Brush Kit by Drilbrush

Call me crazy, but the Drillbrush is my absolute favorite tool to use when it comes time to clean a Nespresso machine. It may seem like a lot, but with multiple drill heads and a variety of cleaning methods, there's nothing it can't pick up. 

For only around $20, the Drillbrush is a steal. If you thought cleaning coffee machines was a chore, with this thing, it's a blast. You can get at tough dirt and limescale, plus clean the exterior of the machine and its many components. The first time I used this thing on the water reservoir, I don't think I had ever seen it so clean.

Descaler by Impresa Products

I also have a descaler by Impresa Products. It can be used for practically any other coffee making device. It's both gentle and powerful when it comes time to clean a Nespresso machine, making it a wise choice if you want to keep your machine working in the long run. 

Not only does it maintain the future of your machine's performance, it also ensures the machine delivers great tasting beverages for just as long. That's right, this descaler even improves the taste of your coffee by internally cleansing the entire Nespresso machine. 

For the Future

Knowing how the machine works and keeping it maintained with all of the above solutions is probably the safest, most efficient way to keep clean a Nespresso machine. This guarantees that your coffee machine will continue to deliver the best tasting coffee, while also functioning at its best possible capacity. 

If you're a coffee lover like me, you'll know there's nothing in hell that will get between you and that toasty morning or afternoon mug of rich waking bliss. So, for the sake of your own sanity, remember to clean your Nespresso machine, or else no coffee for you!

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