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How to Earn Money Watching YouTube Videos

List of Sites You Can Use

So before I go on listing these useful websites, be sure to head on over to Vocal's lifehack community, where I've explained how to earn on the side. I go in depth into sites I've used to generate $2000 per year for the last two years. I also have a part-time job, that really helps out with expenses. You will not be able to survive alone on these extra websites, but it will put some money in the bank. When you consider how easy it is to earn this, it will feel like it is free money. Put that extra amount in the bank to earn interest, and you will be well on your way to getting rid of the traditional nine to five, and living off soft drink dividend payments, free coffee or maybe even your rent payment if you start early enough.

Say your mortgage is $750 per month. To figure out how to live rent free you need to get a cash amount invested into some kind of sustainable stock or dividend fund. For $750 at 3 percent, you would need $300 000 invested into either Coca Cola or PepsiCo. Their returns are slightly over three percent per year. It is a safe investment too. As you grow your earnings, it will compound if you keep reinvesting your dividends. It won't take as long as you may think, and picking away at it will strongly encourage you to keep going. 

I work a minimum wage job and do surveys in my part-time, to find out more about these surveys go to this link (Side Income 101) where I list my top 10. Point is, I have saved up over $7000 which I have invested into dividend stocks, ETFs and make a pretty decent return. I always have the option to make $20 per month for quite a long time if I see fit. So, I will now add some additional websites where you can watch youtube videos or just type in what you see in the box to earn small amounts of money. Pay is in bitcoin but you can convert it into your country's currency pretty easily.

Below are the following sites to bring in income easily.

This site is almost exactly the same as the others. Instead of mining for apples, you mine for energy. You buy computers to fill captchas, and the computers earn you small amounts of coin. 

So this site is similar, where you type what you see on screen and earn a little bit of currency. Again, on its own, it will not pay the bills, but you can upgrade and earn up to $8 per day. Realistically, that's 24 hours, so say you work for four hours and earn $2. Combined with all the other websites, you will be making a decent amount.

Yes, you heard it right. You can get paid to watch YouTube videos. Note: it is in small amounts and you can't just put it on autoplay and watch the money roll in. You will need to watch the video for 30 seconds, at which point you will fill out a captcha or switch it to solve media. I prefer to use solve media because captchas tend to have errors. Doing it and spending it won't be worth it, you'll want to invest it and have some passive income coming in. This site offers a 20 percent referral earning so you can earn for everyone you invite, which is why I have invited you through the link above.

Read this article about financial cheat codes I have written about some easy financial tips you can use to get cash back on credit cards, invest the money you save and essentially get free stuff off interest payments. You would have been spending the money anyway on groceries, so why not earn some cash back. Invest your savings and make the banks work for you.

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How to Earn Money Watching YouTube Videos
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