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How To Find the Right Garage Door for Your Home

There are more styles and color choices for garage doors today than ever before. This is because the garage itself is an increasingly important part of the modern home.

There are many things to consider before making a decision what to buy. While some considerations carry more weight than others, the choice boils down to the needs and preferences of an individual buyer.

1. Select proper material.

A garage door is more than just a fixture that offers security and storage for cars and private possessions; it should also enhance your home’s appearance. Geographical and climatic conditions should dictate whether you decide on a wooden, metal or fiberglass garage door.

  • Wooden garage door – It is a traditional choice for the most customary designs. While it looks great in a home, you will have to do occasional maintenance, such as staining and painting, to keep it in optimal shape.
  • Aluminum garage door – This is a quite modern style that comes in many fashions, designs, and stock colors. The material is lightweight and sturdy and can withstand harsh weather. Aluminum garage doors are easy to open and close even if they are manually operated.
  • Steel garage door – Steel is stronger by its nature than aluminum and wood. It comes in many styles, designs, colors, and finishes. The only drawback is that it can rust when it is scratched.
  • Fiberglass – This is a relatively new material used for garage doors. While it is more durable than metal and wooden garage doors, it can crack under physical pressure. It costs more than all other alternatives.

2. Choose a style that best complements your home.

Let your garage door match the general architecture of your home. If a house is traditional, install a garage door that blends in with its surroundings and disappears into the shadows. A modern house will look great with a carefully finished wooden garage door. Fit the installations into your home style as follows:

  • Modern and Contemporary House – Stained wood is a perfect match for most modern houses. This is especially suitable for those in rural areas. Modern houses in urban neighborhoods need solid garage doors which offer increased security.
  • Victorian and Colonial Style House – Paneled wooden garage doors with decorative fittings are a great choice for Victorian houses as they complement their vintage look.
  • 50’s and Ranch Style House – This should go with a garage door with a plain finish or one with a horizontal design. Doors made of wooden slats add some balance to the exterior of a home.

3. Choose a color that matches your home.

It is not necessary to emphasize that the color of a garage door should complement a home. Choose one that blends in rather than stands out of the structure. More importantly, avoid sharp contrasts and vivid colors.

Consider buying a garage door whose color matches the color of your house windows. If your house is made from red bricks, for example, complement it with a tan, beige or any other color that matches the mortar.

4. Buy a garage door with top-quality processing.

Your choice of a garage door is not limited to the door itself. Accents, decorations, and detailed final treatment could introduce a much-needed style and impression. Choose a garage door made of square or rectangular panels to stand out from your neighbors.

Z or X-shaped straps on the exterior of a garage door introduce a nostalgic barn door or country look and feel. Styles such as sandblasted and arched designs are more suitable for garage doors in traditional homes than in modern ones.

5. Consider safety and operational requirements.

An automatic garage door is perhaps more desirable in regard to a manual one. However, it can be more expensive. If your family includes toddlers, aged, or mentally challenged loved ones, you need to have a garage door with enough security features. It must not introduce a risk to vulnerable family members.

6. Maintain your garage door well.

Over time, garage doors can be damaged and lose their good look due to bad weather conditions, continuous exposure to sunlight, or non-resistant and poor quality of materials. Regular maintaining of the garage doors, regardless of the materials from which they are made is very important for their longevity and good appearance. Painting them from time to time doesn't have to be an expensive project, but rather a saving money and creative “do it by yourself“ activity.

To restore its beautiful look you can do as follows: go and buy the necessary material for your work. You can find it in almost every auto paint shop. You will need the appropriate type of rust removal, right sandpaper, and color depending on what kind of material you have to deal with. Make sure to match the color of your garage door and home for a compatible look.

Then you should apply the rust remover on a cloth, wipe the affected parts, and leave it for a while. Carefully disassemble the panels, wash grease and dirt out of them well, and gently polish. Protect both of them and surrounding areas with foil. It is best to paint the panels outside to avoid dust adhering to the surface. When they dry in a couple of days, bring them back to the garage and enjoy a refreshed and renewed look without rust and scratches.


The functioning of a garage door is more important than its aesthetic features. However, decide on a door that looks good. It is also important to understand the maintaining requirements of each option before making a final decision.

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How To Find the Right Garage Door for Your Home
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