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How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Social Media

How to Use Social Media Without it Taking Over Your Life

Social media has become a part of life. That's it, end of sentence. For many people they use it all the time, even at times that they shouldn't be. There is nothing inherently wrong about social media, but it can take over our lives in the worst way. Here are some tips on how to use social media in ways that make it less intrusive into your life.

Cull the herd.

Sometimes on all your social media platforms you should be going through and getting rid of all the things you follow that just don't interest you anymore. Normally you just scroll past it and forget about it, but every so often you should stop and take it away. Whether this means unfriend those people you met for a week and haven't communicated with since two years ago, or that page you are no longer interested in, take it away. Once you remove some of the clutter, it gets easier to see just what you are interested in.

Set time limits.

So if you use social media in the morning, and are never late for work, then it's not a bad time or way you are using it. You can keep using it that way and be just fine, at least for that time of day. And if you use it in the evening but still get everything done and go to bed on time, then use it all you want. But if you find that you are late for work, or wish you were doing something else more often, set only specific times when you can use it. Set a timer if you have to, whatever makes you put your phone down. If you use it when you get home but then get nothing done, set a timer and pick an amount of time, and only use it for that long. 

Turn off Notifications

This is one of the biggest ones I can say. Turn off the notifications that you get with your social media. Make it so that you only see the notification when you open the app. this way you will be less tempted to go looking through at the notification you got. At first, I was checking my phone more often to see if I had anything, but after a few days that wore off and I just checked my phone at times that were appropriate. Don't worry that you'll miss something, unless your job is social media, it can wait. 

Turn off Colour

So our social media apps come in colours to make us like them and want to use them more. This is especially true about the notification symbol we get on the app itself. It is bright red, waiting for us to go take a look at it. If you can turn off these notifications for your phone you should be less tempted to go take a look at what the notification was. The other way of getting rid of the temptation is to change the colour of the home screen to black and white, if you can. This will stop the notifications from being red and looking so attractive. 

Cut Down on the Options

If you are someone who has all the different social media platforms and it takes you an hour to go through all your notifications, it might be time to lower that number. Having to many different social media platforms to look through can make it hard to only look at a small amount of social media. Having only two or three platforms to go through might make it a lot easier to keep up with what you want to keep up with. So pick the ones you enjoy the most and keep only those, get rid of the rest of your accounts. And if you don't know if you can live without them, try not using each one for a week and see what is the easiest to forget to use. You might be surprised by what you can live without.  

I hope these tips help with having a better, more productive relationship with social media. These easy things have really helped me get the work done when I needed to and not check my phone all day. So don't be afraid to keep using social media, just use it smart, at specific times, without notifications blaring in our face. 

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How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Social Media
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