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How to Live a More Minimalist Lifestyle

A life with less might just be a life less-stressed.

Minimalism might not be for everyone. But in such a hectic world, sometimes it’s comforting to just take a break and reduce clutter to clear your mind. One mistake people when transitioning to a more minimal lifestyle is making drastic leaps very quickly. Experts suggest a more gradual transition into minimalism is always more effective and peaceful.

If you’re a beginner into the path of reducing clutter in life and at home, these simple steps should guide you in the right direction.

Invest in Quality—Not Quantity

If you’re planning to drastically reduce the amount of items you use on a daily basis, it's recommended that you invest in quality furniture. When you need to make a new purchase, it’s important you ask yourself if that item that you absolutely love and that will last you for years to come.

Being on a budget can definitely make it hard to invest in quality furniture that will last. Design experts recommend checking out your local thrift store, antique store, Swap Meet, and even Craigslist for quality second-hand items. Sometimes these might need a little elbow grease and cleaning up, but with a little TLC, you can salvage some high-quality furniture.

Reduce, Re-Use

One of the most sustainable aspects to living a minimalist lifestyle is having the ability to re-use just about anything. Save packaging to use for other things. Learn to fix up items without just getting rid of them. These habits will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but it will also give you a good chance to save a little cash.

Set a Goal

If you’re going to begin to map out your new minimal lifestyle, it’s always important to set a goal. Do you want to declutter your home or your mind? Maybe you want to do both.

Declutter your space and set a goal. Many people have an emotional attachment to items they never use. Try separating yourself from things you don’t need. This is a painful (but very necessary) first step for many when it comes living a more minimalist life.

The best part of this step is that you get to decide what stays and goes. It's important to evaluate the purpose behind every item in your home. Always remind yourself that it's okay to have some things but always make sure there's an intent behind everything.

Clutter is a natural part of life and over time, everyone accumulates things that they may not need. Sometimes when we accumulate and consume too many items we can feel a sense of suffocation in our home—even though we might not even realize it.

This is why taking a step toward reducing clutter will open more energy in your mind and keep your brainless distracted.

Don’t Give Up

The transition into a more minimalist lifestyle will vary depending on the individual and it might not always be easy. There are going to be times where you will lose track of your goals and find yourself back at square one—this is OK.

Like any drastic lifestyle change, it's important to not lose sight of your original goals and intentions. Once you make the full transition to a more minimal life, you should start to reap the benefits.

Minimalism takes many forms and no matter what way you decide to clear out your life, your body will thank you. Minimalism gives us a certain sense of freedom and clarity. Less clutter means less up-keep and as a result, less time stressing about cleaning or organizing. The more you start to evaluate the space around you the more you might find that sometimes, less is more.

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How to Live a More Minimalist Lifestyle
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