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How to Make Money from Playing Games on Your iPhone!

The Three Best Apps for Earning Cash for Just Using Apps on Your iPhone


One of the best ways to make money is by doing something you actually enjoy! I’ve recently found a way to make money from just using apps on my phone. From games to books to even tv shows, you can earn a little cash from just having the apps open! There are a handful of apps—way more than I’m even aware of, I’m sure—that will reward you for downloading and using apps through their platform!

Now, there are a lot out there that don’t work how they say they will, or don’t work at all. Some only work part of the time and can be really frustrating. These are the three apps that I’ve found that work correctly the majority of the time and have a quick payout speed! All of them operate in the same way, as well! Out of all the apps I’ve tried over there years, these ones are the least painful and irritating. I should note that, as far as I know, these apps only work on iOS.

The majority of reward apps that I’ve come across only allow you to redeem from apps you’ve never downloaded before, and there’s always some trick to getting them to register that you’ve downloaded the app and opened it. With this collection of apps, it doesn’t have to be the first time you’ve downloaded the app. Plus, if you already have the app, you can just click that you want to collect from that app and you can open it from the app store!

After you’ve downloaded or opened the app, all you have to do is take a screenshot of your battery settings page. This page will list how long you have the app open within the last 24 hours. Sometimes, it does take an hour or two for this to fully update. However, you can redeem multiple apps with on screenshot. The only trick is you have to be using the apps when you’re NOT charging your phone. When you’re charging your phone, it does not register that the apps are using your battery, resulting in your time in the app not being tracked. These apps have a special screen that will walk you right through this process. It plays a little video showing you what buttons you have to hit and what needs to be included in the screenshot. After taking the screenshot, you must immediately return to the app for it to be processed.

Quite a few of the apps you can download overlap with the others. Meaning you can download one app and get paid for it multiple times! Apps range from games like Farmville to even the Amazon and Kindle apps and apps like HBO Now, Hulu, and Showtime! There’s an app for everyone!

Another great feature is that with a referral code, both parties will always make 25 percent of what the other makes! It’s a nice little bonus!

You can cash out after just 5,000 points (about 60 cents in USD)! They give you almost enough to cash out just for signing up. The first app you download gives you more than enough points to cash out!

Don’t expect to make a mountain of cash off of these apps, though. You have to go into it with realistic expectations. Using a combination of all of them, you can easily make enough to cover your Netflix every month, though! You can find some awesome apps in the process, too! They pay out to PayPal, normally within a day or two. The payment is in British Pounds so you do have to manually accept the payment from the Paypal website.

Click here to download AppDecker.

Click here to download Appjoyment.

Click here to download Appmusement.

Happy earning! 

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How to Make Money from Playing Games on Your iPhone!
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