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How to Make More Money with Ebates

Increase your earnings with Ebates.

Ebates is a company that has been around since 1998. I know that seems like forever ago in internet years. They’re a free website and commit to always remain free. They allow you to earn cash back on your online purchases and in-store purchases without making you sign up for another credit card or pyramid scheme. Using Ebates is so easy! You can use Ebates in several ways. If you use it correctly, you could be on your way to earning even more money!

How does it work?

Ebates is a basic affiliate marketing platform. Basically, they’re businesses partners with individuals or other businesses to give incentive for customer referrals; A.K.A the money that you earn from shopping from those partners. They have created a system where they partner with over 2,000 online retailers to refer customers via affiliate links. Amazing, right? It is for you! They get a commission for the qualifying purchases made through their links and give a portion of that commission to you.

When shopping with a partner site in your web browser, the extension will pop up and tell you up front how much cash back will be applied to your order. Most of the time, cashback is around three to six percent. But I occasionally spot offers up to 25 percent, so it’s well worth your time to take the extra step.

How to Increase Your Earnings

In the short period of time that I’ve been using Ebates, I’ve been able to make almost $2,000 in cashback. That’s insane. I noticed that I wasn’t making the money I thought I was going to make with Ebates, then I learned some tricks of the trade that helped my cashback increase immensely.

Install the chrome extension.

Having the Chrome extension is a must when using Ebates. Installing it takes seconds and you won’t have to log into Ebates every time you want to shop. You can just go directly to the site, your extension will tell you what the cash back is and if you want to activate it, and then you’re all set. The system takes care of everything else.

Link your email(s).

Another amazing thing you can do with Ebates is to link any email addresses that you may be sending receipts to. The really cool thing about this is that you can link as many addresses as you’d like to. Ebates will ask for permission to scan your emails looking for receipts to apply cash back to. This is a real time saver, I tell ya. Who has time enter in receipt after receipt? Not me!

Link your cards.

Just the other day I learned that you can link your credit/debit cards to your Ebates account so they can track your purchases that way. This has got to be by far the easiest way to use the program. You don’t have to shop online, this way qualifying purchases will automatically charge cashback to your Ebates account and they’ll automatically send you a BIG FAT CHECK, which you can choose to receive via check or Paypal.

Eligible Stores

  • Groupon
  • Macy’s
  • Sephora
  • Staples
  • Walmart
  • Kohl’s
  • Keurig
  • Overstock
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Expedia

And much more!

It’s also good to note the category restrictions on some retailers for earning cashback. You knew there was some type of drawback, right? This is it. Although, I personally haven’t run into any issues with this. Just about everything I buy gets me cashback. Just be aware that some categories don’t offer cashback. But just because one item doesn’t get you cash back doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. It’s totally worth it. 

Where do I sign up?

You can sign up by visiting to get started. It is 100 percent free to join, and with the new Chrome extension button on your browser and your emails linked, absolutely no work is required! It’s got to be the easiest way to make money in the world. And for a limited time, you’ll get a $10 gift card for signing up. I got mine!

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How to Make More Money with Ebates
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