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How To Prepare Your Home for Sale

Here are few tips on how you can prepare your house for sale.

Selling a house is not an event. It is a process defined by different activities at different time intervals. One of these activities involves preparing the house for sale. There are different approaches to this, but one thing that remains important is that the house should be in good shape before you release it to the market. Here are few tips on how you can prepare your house for sale.

Contact a realtor.

Before you do anything, you should compare the real estate agents near you in order to find an agent that will be the best fit for your needs. A realtor will tell you everything you need to do to make the house sell faster and at a lucrative price. He will show you which parts you need to work on, what items you need to replace and what belongings you need to get rid of. A realtor will also help you with all the paperwork and documentation. Make sure you get someone who is registered with the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA).

Clean and declutter.

A dirty and cluttered home is a major turnoff to potential buyers. So, you need to declutter and clean your home before you put it up for sale. Clear out all unsightly items and get rid of things that you no longer use. You can donate them to charity or sell them online. When cleaning, pay attention to small details. Clean all the windows, doors, and closets. Launder all the curtains and dust the baseboards. Clean the kitchen appliances and dust the blinds.

Get a home inspector.

Apart from cleaning and decluttering, you need to get a home inspector to examine the house. The inspector will conduct a thorough check on the house and pinpoint areas that need improvement. Don’t assume that your house is in good shape just because you don’t see any cracks on the walls, broken windows or pipe leaks. There are some hidden problems only an inspector can discover. And once you get the detailed report from the inspector, do the due diligence and correct the problems highlighted.

Eliminate unpleasant smells.

Do not use perfumes or air fresheners to mask odours. Instead, use freshly cut flowers or fresh apples. You can also take a fresh cinnamon, boil it on the stove and leave it in the kitchen or living room. If you have pets, get rid of their belongings from the living room and front door. You can take place them in the garage or an outdoor storage unit.

Repaint the house.

You need to repaint the house. While you may want to enhance appearance, we recommend you use the original paint. You can also use white paint to allow the buyer to inject his or her personality once he purchases the house. Paint everywhere including the kitchen, bathroom, and front door.

Finish any pending project.

This is the time you need to complete any home improvement projects you have underway. It is also the time you need to make any necessary repairs. You will find a buyer more quickly if your house does not have any defects. If there are future projects planned, you can postpone or finish them before you list the house for sale.

Stage the house.

You can do the staging on your own or hire a professional. Work on your flower beds and garden to create a welcoming feeling to the house. Place furniture in the leaving room to create space and maximize the feeling of light in the house. Cut the grass and mow the lawns to enhance the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

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How To Prepare Your Home for Sale
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