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How to Sell Your Old Clothes for Money!

Discover the easy way that I've earned $50+ in the past two months!

The Virtual Thrift Store of the Future!

When I was younger, my mom used to make me throw my old clothes that were too big or small for me anymore in a trash bag. She'd take our enormous collections that we gathered to the local Goodwill store and donate them. We didn't really care where the clothes went or what happened to them—it just served as a place to dispose of the unwanted clothes. My mom did this annually and we moved through lots of clothes.

This past year, I lost almost 40 lbs. because of marching band and faced the hard reality of everything being too big for me. Trust me, I'm grateful! But over half of my closet is way too big for me now! I had tons of clothes that I knew I would never wear ever again and I did not want to give it to Goodwill. I did some research and discovered many websites that would take your clothes and sell them themselves. The only downside to that option was the factor of barely earning anything for loads of clothes! With a little more research, an app called Poshmark came up!

What is Poshmark?

On their website, Poshmark describes themselves as "a simple and fun way to buy and sell fashion." The app is exclusive to Americans, unfortunately, but still has a very big community! They offer a free app along with a website. Both platforms are incredibly easy to navigate! You completely control what you sell and what you don't, how your profile looks, and the connections you make! 

How do I get started?

The first step to selling your old clothes is to download the Poshmark app or open the Poshmark website. Next, create your profile. Add a profile picture, make your profile yours by giving it some uniqueness! Then, add the first product you'd like to sell and fill out the information about it. And boom, you're all set to sell!

How do I prepare for a sale?

Your first sale is so exciting! You do your happy dance, celebrate the new money you've earned, and then you face the reality of "what now?"—I most certainly did! To prepare for this, you'll need priority mail boxes. You can get these free online shipped to your house or at your local USPS. You'll also need tissue paper and thank you cards (you can also make them yourself). When you get your first sale, you'll want to carefully pack your clothing item in a priority mail box with tissue paper and to include the thank you card that you write! You can learn more about this on Poshmark's blog if you have any concerns!

How do I get a sale faster?

Although the Poshmark community is huge, getting sales can be difficult at times. Promoting your closet is key to getting customers! This can be done in very different aspects such as sharing your closet, joining share groups, making friends, or sharing your closet to social media! 

An extremely popular feature on Poshmark that helps tremendously to get sales is the share feature. Typically, sharing directs the product's link to other platforms. On Poshmark, however, you have the option to share your listing to your followers. When you do this, your product will show at the top of all your followers' feeds. Also, sharing will bump your listing to the top of the results when someone searches for a specific product that your listing relates to such as clothing type, color, etc. 

Poshmark parties are also extremely popular in gaining sales! Multiple times per day, specific Poshmark members host parties within the app that have themes and categories such as "Best in Tops," "Everything Kids," or "Wardrobe Goals." These 2-hour-long party sessions offer a place to promote your listings even more! If a party host likes your listing and feels it fits the category very well, he/she may make it a host pick! Host picks have their own tab during the party and are seen more by customers. I find parties to be very helpful! You can also make friends during these parties by commenting on your favorite listings!

How do I get paid?

When you make a sale, Poshmark automatically takes 20 percent of your earnings. That's the only downfall of Poshmark's unique program. Before you post a listing, they do tell you how much you'll earn after their portion is taken, though. Shipping costs the customer about $7 unless you offer a shipping discount—which will come out of your earnings on that product. 

Your payment comes into your account as soon as your customer receives their order and they give you a rating OR within 3 days of delivery. You can either wait until multiple sale earnings come into your account or you can cash out by requesting a check to be mailed or sending it to your checking account. 

What can I sell?

A large variety of things are accepted on Poshmark such as woman's clothing, men's clothing, kid's clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories, never-used makeup, and more! Things you cannot sell include perfume, nail polish, used underwear, used makeup, cell phones, DVDs, lotions, etc. If you can imagine someone wanting to purchase it, then it is most likely allowed. 

Final Tips!

In order to succeed on Poshmark, you need determination and consistency. You can't expect to get a sale overnight or that anything will be done for you, so just hang in there! Try your best and you'll do great! I hope I helped you out in recommending Poshmark to y'all. Don't forget to visit Poshmark in the link below and to also check out my Poshmark profile! Thanks for reading! Have a blessed day!


Poshmark Closet: jcritch18

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How to Sell Your Old Clothes for Money!
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