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How to Spice Up a Confined Living Space

Small apartments can actually feel bigger than they are.

Moving to a big city is all fun and games until you realize how small your living space has to be. This means there is less room for excess stuff and more room for creativity. Making the most out of a small space can be challenging, but it will be well worth it in the long run. Take these tips into consideration when looking to make the most out of your confined living space.

Utilize your wall space.

Think about a statement piece like complimentary custom canvas prints that will draw attention. A custom print can have a photograph you took or a design that you want to embody in your apartment. This is great for making a statement and having a piece of art that you are proud of and goes well in your new space.

No matter how small the space, the walls should still be used. Bare walls aren’t the answer when looking to make the most out of any space. Bare walls sometimes make spaces look even smaller. You also don’t want the walls to be too busy, or the space will feel cramped. Be mindful of what wall décor you are using. Make sure the pieces all compliment each other. This might take some arranging and rearranging once you try to decide what to put where. Make sure to write down some measurements and prioritize wall art before hammering in the nails!

Keep furniture neutral, along with towels and curtains.

When space is minimal, you want to be careful to keep all the large items in check. Neutral couches, beds, and other furniture can make the space look more open. Tan is a good color when looking to make the space feel more airy and bigger than it is. Another tip is to keep busy colors to a minimum when looking at curtains, towels, and kitchen linens. This will tie the space together and make it look unified, but not busy and cramped. You want to do all you can to keep the space looking interesting, but not full of too many colors.

If you are living in a studio apartment, it is a stylish move to have a piece of your statement artwork hanging on the wall over a neutral couch. This makes the living space sleek and modern, without drawing attention to the small space.

Think about wall colors.

Once you have neutral couches, towels, curtains and a piece of statement artwork, you are ready to consider the color of your walls. It is usually best to pick another neutral color that compliments the other neutral colors. If you are feeling risky, you can pick a color that will compliment your statement artwork. Having a statement wall can make a space feel lively, without feeling too overwhelmed with color. Think about patterns or colors that go well with your apartment aesthetic and decide accordingly.

Blue or green are always great colors for living spaces. Blue is calming and green is a light and airy color. What color makes you feel the most at home? Once you answer this question, you might have your statement wall color picked out.

No matter what size your apartment is, there are ways for you to capitalize on design and aesthetic. It is important to have a custom canvas print or another neat piece of artwork in your apartment to show your style. Make the most out of your cozy apartment and take it as a challenge!

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How to Spice Up a Confined Living Space
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