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How To Take the Best Selfies

Have you ever realized that you've just been sitting on the computer scrolling through photo after photo for the past few hours? Or maybe you're looking to create your own modeling portfolio; this is the place for you.

Wishing you'd be able to "take selfies like that!" These days I hear so many people say this all the time and today I'm here to share the secret of Prime-Time-Selfies! It's time to get a grip on life and start feeling as photogenic as a model. 

"It's all about the angle!" You hear this all the time and may not think too much about it, let alone believe it. But you should! Want to know why? 

With each tilt you get a whole new feel...

Right here is a perfect example. I  usually set my LG Treasure on my windowsill where it sits at the perfect place for me to use my hand-less setting to take photos. 

Keep in mind how I angle my head/face, this is one of the most crucial aspects to your selfie. It's what adds dimension and shows off every persons very different facial structure. 

Move around too.

Keep your phone and/or camera in your favored spot. Keep it there and as you snap your photos take a step or two back, lean in and out. 

Right there throws in a pop aspect to make your photo flare. Notice how my head has been shifting slightly or from opposite directions? You have full range! Use it. Tilt up and down, diagonally, etc. 

Everyone has their own sweet spot.

My "best side" just so happens to be this one. Or of the like, the sweet spot is my jaw line and incoming cheek bones. As I get older my face slims out a bit more. 

Feel around, take a ton of pictures, find that pose that suits you like nothing in this world has before! 

And To Keep You Informed...

Lighting will be one of your best friends. Again, I know, super cliché, but that doesn't make it any less true! Lighting should always be a big focus for a variety of reasons. 

This is what I mean, okay?

Always face the light. If you listen to this nothing will go wrong for you. Trust me, you wont see those pesky pimples, small wrinkles, or purple baggy eyes from being so tired. It all simply washes away. 

Don't let this slip your mind.

No one wants to look at a messy room or a random person's car in the parking lot. You want an open scene or decorated space. Maybe a blank wall, like a concrete or brick wall, these can serve anyone well with the right lighting. Keep in mind, we don't want to loose you in your surroundings! You'll want to pop, i.e. your clothing and makeup choice. 

If there is a specific color scheme, you'll want your person's clothing and background objects with those same variety of colors. Whatever may be important in the photo, make it pop or stand out. 

As you could probably gather, red and black were my preferred colors of the time. Point being I would always make sure the red popped against the dark of the black covering my body and walls. 

You cannot, I mean cannot, forget positioning and placement.

This being both your positioning and the camera's position in the room or outside. Do not hold the camera below your face. This is where most people go very wrong. Where you place the camera IS important.

Placing the camera below the height of your head heaves room for the camera to get a clear shot of everything you want to avoid. We don't want a nostril or double chin shot, I don't want that for you beautiful people! So make sure to keep it at face level or above. I promise you will work wonders with this piece of advice. 

And don't forget the most important thing EVER.

In turn take this happiness and share it with those around you, being creative as a collective is the strongest weapon we have!

This is the one and only thing I can tell you that I hope everyone takes to heart. Be yourself. In each photo you take be you to your full beautiful entirety. You deserve to shine that bright light that shines so strongly inside of your chest. 

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How To Take the Best Selfies
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