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How To: Unique Party Ideas

From unicorn cakes to Call of Duty Revival Shots!

Planning a party but bored of the same old, same old? This article features some awesome party inspiration, with themes from games, films and quirky twists on the originals. As a side note: I've been told that many of these ideas are for children but honestly, who doesn't want a Star Wars cake?

Call of Duty

First on the list are these Call of Duty party ideas, which are amazing and include simple, easy to DIY items like Revive Shots (just grab some plastic syringes and your favourite red liquor) and some creatively named treats like Gobstopper Grenades and Sherbet Stick Missiles. 


Unicorns! Quite on trend for 2017 and not likely to go anytime soon, these pretty unicorn party ideas include a beautiful DIY cake (you can find the recipe here) and cute biscuits you can buy from The Sweet Designs Shoppe. Add some colourful balloons with fabrics such as tulle which you can get here.


Nostalgia incoming, these Mario party ideas are easy to replicate, with King Boo balloons and overall party bags, but if you want to go really hard-core check out this blog post which goes in depth about invitations, décor and treats, complete with a vendor list if you don't want to DIY. 

Check out these Mario wall stickers!

Winter Wonderland

Perfect at this time of year, how about adding a bit of a flair and sparkle to your winter holiday parties? Try DIY'ing some snowflake decorations with some glitter and creativity, or alternatively you can purchase them from here if you have a bucket load of inspiration but no time! 

A hot cocoa station is simply a must have, filled with marshmallows, whipped cream, sweets and grated chocolate. 

Star Wars

Featuring Vader-ade and Jabba-the-pizza-Hutt, there are many creative ways to incorporate Star Wars into your themed party. Decorate with balloons, plan battles with inflatable lightsabers and what could be better than a Darth Vader piñata?

Great Gatsby

Bring back the roaring 20's with this Great Gatsby themed party idea, you can find black and gold pom pom decorations here, white feathers and elegant pearl string combined with fancy DIY biscuits and boards complete the look - all you need are some cocktails.


Using a variety of artificial branches, flowers and simple items like paper bags, floor cushions and fairy lights, you can turn pretty much anywhere into your own patch of woodland. By changing certain aspects of the food and drink you can easily change this from being a home warming, birthday or even a low key wedding reception. 


A perfect opportunity to utilise some bright colours, you only need a few bits and bobs to create a great Super Hero party. Here are some items to help, such as a customised super hero themed photography backdrop fantastic for a selfie,  cake toppers, balloons and these loot boxes. Again, they might say they are for children but we know better.


Last but certainly not least are these cute emoji party ideas. From cupcakes to popcorn pots, there are many ways you can incorporate this theme into your party. Check out these emoji balloons, party plates and backpack party bags.

What will you use for your next party?

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How To: Unique Party Ideas
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