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Creative Weirdo9 hours ago
15 Travel Hacks
Here are some tips that may be able to help you the next time you travel.
Dana Ga day ago
20 Ways to Hamstoo (Part 1)
Wondering how to Hamstoo? Here are 10 ways we think you'll find useful. And stay tuned for 10 more in part 2.
How To Hang Anything Without a Stud Finder
Fairly recently, I had started to decorate my new apartment. Like most Millennials out there, I decided that the best way to jazz it up would be with a variety of posters and knickknacks that were des...
Dana G2 days ago
20 Ways to Hamstoo (Part 2)
In part one, we showed you ten ways to Hamstoo. As promised, here are ten, 12 more—sorry, we couldn't help ourselves.
Lifehacks for Removing Splinters
It sucks to get stuck with a splinter, but it happens to everybody. Most of the time, you can use tweezers to remove splinters with little difficulty. Particularly deep or large splinters, however, ma...
John Skillyard3 days ago
Six Tips to Better Twitter Engagement
If you are looking for ways to engage your twitter follower community, here is a list of six ways to get more engagement. 1. Give Personalized Encouragement People love to get responses to their posts...
Gracie R. 3 days ago
How to Get More Followers on Instagram
Starting a new Instagram account, and seeing the starting number of zero followers can be daunting. Especially when you see accounts with thousands (and millions!) of followers. So, where do you go fr...
Living on a Budget
DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links. Ah, money. Money is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, money allows us to go out with friends, loved ones, and have a good time. Money is pow...
Jessica Jones4 days ago
4 Fun DIY's to Create a Home for Wildlife in Your Garden!
If you're a lover of wildlife. then here are four ways to make your garden a wildlife haven.