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Learn These Facts About the World of Metal Recycling!

Every metal can be recycled and reused as a new metal. Metal recycling has thus proved to be an industry that has saved money, reduced environmental damage, pollution, and unnecessary wastage of metals.

How much do we really know about the metal recycling world? Yes, it’s a competitive and established industry doing its work all over the globe. But there are certain things that need to be highlighted to know for sure what metal recycling actually bring to the world. As most of us would know, there’s metal all around us. And what to do with all that metal when the primary purpose has been served? That’s when metal recycling comes to the picture.

Yes, once the metal has been put to the use it was originally manufactured for, the piece of metal, howsoever small or big it is, is rendered useless and unwanted. That’s when the scrap metal’s trip to the scrapyard is planned. Once it reaches its destination, it’s handled in the most professional way—recycled, and used to make a new product. This way the same metal can be used over for a number of times. Whoever brings scrap metal to the yard for recycling, will be provided cash for all of that junk waste. Yes, you will actually get money to get waste cleared off your premises. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time you do the environment a favor, and call over a relevant service provider for the scrap metal collection. In Sydney, Sydney Copper Recycling does just that for you. They are well known professionals, in the world of metal recycling, and make sure to collect scrap metal from door-to-door all over Sydney.

Facts About the Different Kinds of Recyclable Metals

You can’t overlook the significant and positive contribution that metal recycling has had on the world. It helps to conserve huge amounts of energy, save the environment, and gives employment opportunities to so many. Basically if you visit any wrecking yard in Sydney, you can find thousands of tonnes of metals getting recycled on a regular basis. Over the years, men have found that it’s easier to recycle scraps of metals to create new products, rather than producing new metals from scratch—and that’s how the story goes! Let’s take a look at some of the facts and statistics of important metals:

Aluminium: This is one of the most cost-effective metals to be recycled, and saves huge amounts of energies (nearly 95 percent) than when made from scratch. They can be recycled endless number of times. They can be used for various purposes, like construction, automobiles, electronics etc. Recycling a single piece of aluminium saves an amount of energy that’s equivalent to keep a 100-watt light bulb working for four hours.

Copper: Recycling copper helps to save around 85 percent energy than when made from scratch. They too, can be recycled infinitely, without the loss in performance. Global demand for copper is rising at an unimaginable rate. This leads to the extensive application of recycled copper in places like roofing, cladding, transport, coins, cookware etc. But, it’s conductive nature makes it the most useful for electrical applications (65 percent).

Steel: Steel is, undoubtedly, the most recycled metal in the world. This can be best owed to the fact that tin cans are made up of 99 percent steel. Also, roughly, 70 percent of a car’s weight is due to its steel body. So, steel recycling helps to save energy and reduce water consumption and pollution. Every new car you come across is made up of at least 25 percent of recycled steel, and that’s a fact.

Zinc: Zinc is the fourth common metal to be recycled in this industry. It’s easily recyclable, and a part of vital alloys like brass. An average car has around 10 kgs of zinc. Zinc is also present in products like batteries, paints etc. Recycling zinc helps to save around 76 percent lesser energy, and nearly 30-40 percent of the world’s zinc production is from scrap metal.

So, as we see nearly every metal can be recycled and reused as a new metal. Metal recycling has thus proved to be an industry that has saved money, reduced environmental damage, pollution, and unnecessary wastage of metals.

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Learn These Facts About the World of Metal Recycling!
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