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Lots of Hair, Do Care

Between your gf and dogs hair, you gotta care.

“Y so much hair tho” 

Boys, we know how you like your girls. Cute with nice long hair, and yes I mean dogs too. For example, have you ever checked out a girl with nice hair and thought to yourself, “Wow I wonder what her shower drain looks like” or “I bet that dog’s fur breaks their Rumba on the reg.” The answer is no, or at least I hope you don’t go around judging people, it’s 2019. 

They say beauty is pain. If you have a partner and/or a dog with lots of hair, you must truly love them because you know better than anyone else, their hair is EVERYWHERE. Girls with nice long hair or dogs with nice fur, tend to "shed." You love them. You appreciate them for their gorgeous, abundance of hair, but deep down you can’t stand it. You feel guilty because they can’t help it—or can they? The answer is yes, well, sort of. There are many things to bicker about like who’s paying for the Chinese or who’s cleaning up the plant your dog knocked over, but hair should not be one of them. 

Are you tired of standing in a foot of water when you shower?

  1. Rule number one, tackle the drain. When girls bathe, our long hair strands sometimes like to stick onto the tile in the tub. Or maybe your girlfriend is the artsy kind and likes to make shapes and patterns for you when you get in after. On top of that, we like to shave every inch of our body so take that into account as well. Now getting to the good part, adding in the dog hair. If you don’t shower your dog regularly, they tend to shed more. Get a good oat based shampoo, a large cup and get in with them. You heard me. Between your girlfriend's showers and washing your dog, you are left with a giant hair ball that won’t allow the water to drain out. The solution? It’s simple. Because you didn’t use a drain guard in the first place, you’ll have to buy Draino. Pour this down your drain to dissolve anything that can cause backups.
  2. Step two: Now that your drain is cleared out, buy a drain guard. It will be the best $5 you ever spent. Amazon, Walmart, or Target are the cheapest go-to’s I’ve found. When they are done showering, you just simply pull the drain guard out and dump it. Your drain is safe!
  3. Step three: Invest in a hose shower head. They run anywhere around $15 to $80. I am suggesting this because we found using a shower head with a hose is the easiest, fastest way to wash your dog along with any of that dog hair that sticks to the shower liner, etc. Our dog Ava, a German Shepherd Husky I must add, actually enjoys taking baths now!

Okay, okay so the shower problem is fixed, but what about the rest of the hair that floats around your home and sticks to your nice suits? Again, I will remind you that beauty is pain and you love them a lot. So, here are a couple solutions.

  1. For the clothes: Lint rollers. I know it sounds cliché, but have you seen the new and improved models? They make pocket sized rollers for on-the-go, light weight and work great. If you don’t want to invest any more money, try to find that old roll of duck tape in your junk drawer. It works just as good!
  2. For the home: Rumba. If you or your significant other are not the "domestic" type, go ahead and invest. My boyfriend and I have recently fallen in love with our new adult purchase. We both work and with the amount of hair our dog produces, we could never keep up with the vacuum. Now, we just leave for work, press the power button and it runs until it fills up and then docs itself. All you have to do is empty it, and WA-LA! Your favorite furry socks aren’t hairy anymore.

The amount of hair in your home should be reduced to less than half by now. For those pesky hairs that won’t leave, try shaking your rugs out the window every now and then. Also, try using a couch brush, I’ve heard good things.

To prevent large masses of hair in your future, care for their hair. Brush and shower your dog often. We’ve noticed a significant change in the amount of hair our dog sheds when we groom her often and properly. For the girls, if you’ve been reading this, or guys, it’s your job to make them aware, brush your hair in the bathroom before you shower. Clean out your brush, flush the hair down the toilet and less hair will stick to the shower tiles next time.

Hair is both beautiful, yet painfully aggravating so use these tips and redirect your frustration towards something that matters, like what Netflix show you’re going to binge watch next. 

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Lots of Hair, Do Care
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