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Make $1,000 by Christmas

How to Use Five Free Apps to Make Christmas Cash Now

Do you hear the sleigh bells jingling? Have you hopped on the Holly Jolly train, yet? Well either way, having an extra $1,000 around the holidays will help make your time so much more enjoyable. Lavish gifts for everyone? I'm thinking yes! Mani-pedis for yourself and your girls? It's on you, girl!

1. This one is my all-time favorite. Ebates not only offers unlimited $25 referrals at ALL times, but they get you cash back on both online and in-store purchases from over 2,000 connected stores. It's pretty simple to activate even while you shop—they have a button you can add to your browser if you shop from a computer so if you're on a store's site that is connected with Ebates, you'll get a notification and can activate Ebates right from your webpage!

2. Dosh's referrals vary in price. They typically are $5, but every couple months they'll be $10, and a couple times a year they'll hit $25 per referral! :D They are currently $10 per referral until November 21! You also get a $5 bonus for linking your credit cards to it. Linking your card is safe, and the only reason you do it is so when you make a purchase in a store that's linked with Dosh they can give you cash back automatically!

This just happened to me at Pizza Hut. We were driving out of the parking lot when I got a notification that Dosh was giving me 3 percent cash back for our purchase there. I didn't even have to do anything to get the money back because my card was linked up with the app!

Try out Dosh, it'll get you that referral cash and save you money on your normal purchases. This app is HOT right now! I've made over $300 in the past three days alone, and their $10 referrals go for three more days. All I've done is share my referral link with my friends who are interested on Facebook—and it took off like a bullet! Plus, you get that $5 welcome bonus when you use a referral link to sign up and link a verified card to your account.

3. Ibotta is an item-based cash back app. You scan your receipt after making an in-store purchase and you get cash back for certain items that each store has listed in the app. They have $10 referrals with a $10 welcome bonus for using a referral link to sign up and scanning your first receipt within a week, as well as level bonuses if you complete certain tasks every month.

4. Groupon will help you get discounted prices on activities and services at certain stores close to you: Pro or semi-pro ball games, haircuts, massages, discounted gift cards to restaurants, and so on. They give you $10 referrals to use in the app, and if you use a referral code to sign up, they'll give you a $10 welcome bonus!

I used Groupon to get super cheap jump passes to an indoor jump and adventure park for my husband's birthday this year. He said it was the best birthday ever and we got a really good price. A win-win!

5. BONUS! Discover It Card: If you don't already have a Discover or Discover It card, I highly recommend it. Not only do they offer 1 percent cash back on all purchases, 5 percent cash back on quarterly categories (such as fuel, groceries, and home improvement), and no annual fees, but they also give $50 in referrals to anyone who applies and is approved for a Discover (and Discover It) card through you—up to $500 per year!

It's incredibly easy to setup autopay and start building your credit score with Discover, and make some easy cash by sharing your zeal for the card also.

With each of these apps, all you have to do is try them, use them if you wish, and share them with your friends! Think of it, if you shared each of these apps with 10 friends, you could make:

Or $1,050 just for having 10 friends join these apps. How many Facebook friends do you have? If you had 20 friends sign up, it would be $1,600. 50 Facebook friends that would be $3,250! It's easy cash for easy, free, helpful apps that you will absolutely LOVE!

Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane

Outdoor adventurer, hard-loving wife, and mother of 2 under 2. I work from home as a mom, blogger, and freelancer passionate about money management, relationships, traveling, and inspiring others!

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Make $1,000 by Christmas
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