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Mobile Applications: A Hidden Monetary Gem of Tech

How to Make It Rain at the Click of a Button

photo credit: witches in the dark Tumblr

Growing up, did you ever hear your parents say how “money doesn’t grow on trees” and “things just don’t fall out of the sky” when you needed a crisp $20 bill for a night out with your friends in high school?

If you haven’t, chances are you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

For those of us that have heard that though, we had known from the get-go that we were going to be introduced to the harsh economic realities sooner than we had hoped. In other words, if you’re not hustlin’, you’re going to have a tough time.

Okay…maybe it’s not that bad. Maybe money doesn’t grow on trees or falls out of the sky, but today’s technology has made it a lot easier to earn money from the tip of our own fingertips.

That’s right. It is the wonderful and hidden magic of mobile applications that has the world of millenials shook.

I’ve been there. Looking for change in the crevices of my own couch, calculating exactly how many dollars I have left before heading out to a party, and heavily budgeting. It’s exhausting having plans and ideas, but not enough money to execute them.

The mobile applications that I’ll present have been super good to me. In times of trouble, they have paid for any of my overdraft fees, disputed my overdraft fees, paid for a cell-phone bill and even... rent.

1. Freebird

I’m going to start with my very personal favorite application: Freebird. Freebird is a transportation rewards app. It connects to your Uber account and allows you to order a ride through Uber and for each ride that you order through Freebird, you receive 250 points (unless they are running a promotion which can exceed points from 500-650 per ride) for each ride you take. Upon reaching 5,000 points, you can cash out a total of $10 to your debit card or bank account. These transactions usually take anywhere from 3-5 business days. For every referral or invited user, you will receive $10 and your invitee will receive $10 and a 1,000+ points just for signing up.

I’ve been looking for something that compensates me for my travels. I live in the city with an easily accessible public transportation, but winters in Chicago can be absolutely terrible and during those times, my main mode of transportation is Uber. When I stumbled upon Freebird, I was thrilled and excited to get my money’s worth.

Have $10 on me by signing up with the promo code: xf92b

2. Spent

You have probably seen advertisements for apps that serve as a digital personalized wallet where it ensures how much you’re spending and what you should eventually cut out in order to stay within your monthly budget. Spent does so much more than that. Once you connect all the credit and debit cards and accounts that you use to purchase items every day, it can get up to 10-15% back for every purchase made. Once your redemption reaches $20, you can cash out the amount via PayPal.

3. Cushion (Beta)

Cushion is not in effect yet, but it is a beta app currently collecting data from selected users who voluntarily connect their bank accounts and debit cards to have the application dispute any and all overdraft fees. I’ve only used it for one day and it has already redeemed a total of $52. Cushion is the perfect name for this beta app because it literally serves as a financial cushion for consumers. For instance, in addition to disputing overdraft fees, when a clothing item that was already purchased goes on sale at a different department store, the application will match the difference of the purchase price and deposit it right into your account. Once it becomes available, I highly recommend installing it to prevent future overdraft fees OR regular purchases. You’ll be amazed how quickly $10-15 can add up.

4. Ibotta

I was first introduced to Ibotta when they had the option to redeem mobile shopping purchases, i.e. Uber rides, Lyft rides, winc, or Apple Music. Currently, Ibotta is not affiliated with any rideshare platforms for redemption of rewards, but consumers can submit receipts for their grocery or regular purchases and get cash back. Each product and purchase is eligible for different redemptions. Receipts, for example, can be redeemable for .25-.50 cents each. For those of us who use GrubHub or Eat Purely for food delivery, each order is redeemable for a $1. These can accumulate quickly and users are able to cash out every $20 through Venmo. New users get awarded $10 simply for signing up with a referral. Again, have $10 on me by using code: cablmed

5. Achievement

This fitness app was created with health and wellness in mind. Specifically motivating people to walk, sleep, and eat better by logging it all. However, this app rewards you with money for tracking your wellness activity. After accumulating a total of 10,000 points, you are able to redeem $10 via PayPal. Points can be accrued through daily activities, check-ins, surveys, and of course... steps. Get rewarded for walking and taking care of your health. The way I see it, people are usually motivated by two things: money or fear. Since there is nothing scary about achieving your goals, we’ll detour towards throwing some money your way. Generally, you should be able to cash out every week. Turn your runs into an every day victory of making it rain.

6. Chegg Tutors

I always save the best for last. Chegg Tutors is a platform for tutors to engage students in providing helpful study tips and best homework practices. This will only work if YOU as the user put in the work; i.e. seeking opportunities, reaching out to students, claiming written lessons, and ensuring that the same students you have helped before keep on coming back. I strongly recommend this to any aspiring professors, former teachers, or education enthusiasts. The pay rate is $20 per hour with the opportunity to raise wages by completing tests in various different subject areas. As a tutor, you get to choose when and where you’d like to work. Everything is remote. You can conduct lessons with students on your phone or on your laptop computer. For me, it has opened up a lot of doors, introduced me to a myriad of interesting subjects, and helped me better myself in understanding how to adhere to each student. Tutors receive payment every Thursday afternoon through PayPal. Sign up today using code: 1CJQFFT

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Mobile Applications: A Hidden Monetary Gem of Tech
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