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Money Making Apps That Actually Work!

And Are Fun to Use!

We've all seen ads for money making apps. Most of them promise to be quick and simple, but more often than not these apps are the farthest thing from quick and simple. Many of them are survey based and after filling in all your personal information you're informed that, "Sorry, you don't qualify for any surveys at this time." (But don't fret, they will continue to send irrelevant emails to your junk folder on the daily.)
Others tend to be games (AKA a series of advertisements that lead to nowhere) and at the end, you're left with little to no money and just a slight tinge of regret—until now.

Through a grueling trial and error process (and the filling out of many pointless surveys) I have managed to find three apps that actually deliver on their promise to earn you some extra cash (or something of cash value) and you won't even have to fill out those boring surveys. In fact, these apps are actually fun to use! (I know how it sounds, but stick with me here.)

1. Carrot Rewards

It's as easy as putting one foot in front of the other! Carrot Rewards allows you to collect points on a number of different platforms. I chose scene points, because who doesn't love free movies? 

For the first week the app tracks your steps. You can chose to sync Carrot with your Fitbit or Apple Watch, or simply carry your phone with you to count your steps. In the second week you earn four points each day that you meet your step goal (based on the average number of steps you took per day in the first week). Points are deposited into your scene account within 24 hours. Every few days there is also a quick questionnaire you can fill out (no wrong answers!) for additional bonus points. There are also "step up" challenges designed to push you to meet or surpass your step goal for a larger sum of points. Carrot is extremely simple to navigate, and promotes a healthy lifestyle. I mean, you're going to be walking around anyways, so why not earn while you walk? Enter code amberv1696 for additional points when you sign up. 

2. Job Spotter by Indeed

Job Spotter is perfectly described in the app store reviews as "Pokemon Go, but for money." There are two ways to earn money (paid out in Amazon gift cards) on Job Spotter. The first is to walk around taking pictures of "Now Hiring" signs in your neighbourhood. The second way involves verifying other people's submissions. I personally have submitted seven hiring signs (one trip to the mall provided all seven signs) and have an amazon gift card balance of $7.67. You will run out of signs to verify eventually, until you contribute more signs yourself, which is only fair. Pro tip: you can meet your Carrot step goal while walking around looking for signs. You can redeem your gift card at any time, or let it build up to a decent amount. Job Spotter is a fun and easy activity you can do passively or actively, with friends or on your own. It's another "why not" kind of app.

3. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 rewards its users cash back for buying a variety of items from your favourite stores. It's another super easy to use app, and since you need to grocery shop anyways, why not use it? Simply upload a picture of your receipt to the app, once it's approved the money earned will appear on your profile. Online invoices are also accepted. It's definitely a slow climb, because you're not likely to buy everything that's advertised on the app that week. But so far, every time I've gone shopping there has been at least one item I can earn cash back on.  The app is good for always having a few simple items that we all buy (bananas, eggs, juice, etc.) When it's time to cash out, Checkout 51 will mail you a check. They do require you to accumulate a balance of $20 before cashing out.

I know what you're thinking, but don't quit your day job just yet. These apps, while they are quick, easy, and fun ways to make some extra cash—they are never going to make you rich. That being said, you will walk, you will grocery shop, and you will come across a "Now Hiring" sign, so like I said, WHY NOT?

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Money Making Apps That Actually Work!
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