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Must-Know Lifehacks for People That Wear Glasses

For people that wear glasses, these lifehacks won't damage your lenses and will make your life simpler.

People that wear glasses come across a lot of unnecessary struggles due to their lack of clear vision. However, there is a lifehack for virtually anything in life, and you better believe there are a ton for glasses wearers. 

Before we get into our list of the best lifehacks for people that wear glasses, we also want to acknowledge that there are a lot of tips on the internet that will harm your glasses, and in turn, result in unnecessary costly repairs to your most important accessory. Examples of these fake lifehacks include washing your lenses with dish soap, Dove soap, or toothpaste. Let's leave those behind. 

Instead, take a look at these ten tips. Anyone who wears glasses will want to know them. From cleaning tips to putting an end to slippery fits, these will make your life much easier. 

Add a rubber band to your shampoo.

Something so simple you might kick yourself from not doing it earlier, add a rubber band or pony tail to your shampoo. 

As one of the best lifehacks for people that wear glasses, this makes for easy recognition without struggling to make out the word on the bottle. Even if you have multiple bottles in your shower, add a rubber band to all the shampoos and leave the conditioners without. If there are more products than you can decipher, try adding color-coordinated bands. 

Curl your pointer finger into a tight loop.

For those near-sighted glasses wearers, this is only a fix for a moment, but can definitely be a backup plan if you forget your glasses at home. Curl your pointer finger into a tight loop, and peer through the loop your finger created, then aim it at your desired spot. This will allow you to see through a clear, but very small window. 

As one of the best lifehacks for people that wear glasses, this will work for situations where you might need to read a menu at the fast food restaurant, have trouble seeing a word on the board, or other simple situations that many glasses wearers have struggled with in the past. 

Use your phone's camera when your glasses are out of reach.

Another simple but temporary fix for a clear view of your surroundings is using your phone's camera. This can be used especially when you're struggling to find your glasses in your room. 

Plus, who doesn't have their phone on them constantly? This hack is perfect for a quick fix, until you can find your contacts case or glasses. 

Straighten your glasses by placing them on a flat surface.

Wearing your glasses all day, you might not recognize them being a little askew. Fixing crooked glasses is much easier than you think, and can be discovered within seconds. 

As one of the most simple lifehacks for people that wear glasses, place your glasses on a flat surface, likely a table, and you can recognize if they are crooked if one of the legs is lifted from the surface, not touching the table. 

The best way to fix this is to take your glasses to your optician, and they'll likely adjust them for free within a few minutes. 

Make sure you clean your microfiber cloths.

Every glasses wearer knows that microfiber cloths are their best friend when it comes to cleaning lenses. However, many people neglect to clean their cleaners, defeating the entire purpose. As one of the number one ways to counteract your cleaning process, you have to make sure your tools are clean before putting them on your lenses. 

This can even lead to scratching your lenses if the cloth has even the smallest amount of dust on the surface. To clean, simply put the cloths in a warm bowl of water with detergent and hand wash them. 

Add a bit of sponge to the inside of your headphones for comfort.

Next on our list of the best lifehacks for people that wear glasses is to rid the struggle of wearing glasses and headphones. This can be fixed by adding a bit of sponge right where your glasses' legs would meet the headphone. 

Because headphones are already created with spongey insides, the added material will mold to the inside of the device, and will act as a cushion for your glasses. 

Quit using your shirt as a glasses cleaner.

Though it's a hard habit to break, using the end of your shirt, no matter how soft it might be, is terrible for the condition of your lenses, and is more detrimental than beneficial. 

Your clothes are covered in dust and materials that will scratch your lens. Instead, use a microfiber cloth (that is clean, of course.)

Be sure to take advantage of getting regular adjustments.

There are plenty of lifehacks for people that wear glasses on the internet that include tips and tricks for adjusting your glasses so that they will stop sliding down the bridge of your nose. However, lots of these will likely not work, like adding eyeshadow primer to the bridge of your nose. Instead, take advantage of your resources as a glasses wearer. 

Your optician is there to help. Adjustments will typically have no cost, only take a few minutes, and will cater to your face specifically. Be sure to use this regularly, and adjust your glasses so that they constantly fit the shape of your face. 

Try out Nerdwax as a quick fix.

If you absolutely cannot make it to your optician and need an immediate fix for slipping glasses, Nerdwax is an alternative. As a product that looks like a chapstick, the wax is applied easily and removed even easier. 

Apply the wax to your glasses and they will remain on your face with zero slipping for up to an hour. You can purchase one for $10 on Amazon

Add some glow in the dark tape to your glasses case.

Last, but not least on our list of the best lifehacks for people that wear glasses, is to add a strip of glow in the dark tape to your case. People who wear glasses have all struggled with the task of finding their glasses in the middle of the night. 

Make your bathroom trips easier with a small piece of tape and you'll find your case in no time, no matter where it might be hiding. 

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Must-Know Lifehacks for People That Wear Glasses
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