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Must Know Reading Lifehacks for Bookworms

Are you an avid reader or maybe just trying to get into reading as a daily habit? Here are some of the best reading lifehacks to know.

Every book lover out there has their list of personal reading lifehacks that they keep close every time they open a good book and decide it’s time to read. Reading hacks make the reading experience easier for book lovers and newbies alike. Maybe you are new to book reading because you learned about the benefits of reading and want to find a way to get your reading habits steady. Or maybe, you’re an avid reader and just want some extra reading hacks to add to your already long list of nifty reader tips. Here are some of the best reading lifehacks out there for bookworms to enjoy.

Make it a daily ritual.

One of the best reading lifehacks is to make reading a daily ritual. If you pick a time to read and stick to it each day, you will have a much better reading experience overall. This will become your safe and peaceful space. Being able to enjoy a good book every single day is a such a great luxury, and it is something you can choose to bring into your life. Every time you think about turning on the TV, consider telling yourself that it’s time to read instead. Maybe catch up on the best required reading books while you're at it! 

Shop at ThriftBooks.

ThriftBooks is a website and phone app that provides one of the best reading lifehacks for bookworms! This website allows readers to buy thousands of new and used books for very cheap prices and have them shipped to you. You can search for anything, and they have a huge selection of good books to choose from. If you are a speed reader, this is a great reading hack, because you can get so many books every time you order, and it won’t break the bank. Your reading experience will suddenly become fun with this awesome website.

Find your spot.

Finding the perfect reading spot for when it’s time to read is a great reading lifehack. Whether it is your hammock in the backyard, the public library, a chair in your room, or anywhere else—having this designated space will make your reading habits stick. Consistency is key if you want your reading habits to become common in your life, so make sure you read good books daily and every time you read, do it in a comfy place.

Subscribe to BookBub emails.

BookBub is another great website that provides a great reading lifehack for bookworms. When you subscribe to this website, they will send you daily emails with deals to extremely cheap eBooks that you can download and read on any of your electronic devices. When it’s time to read, you’ll be able to do so on your laptop, iPad, Kindle, or desktop computer, and the deals can be as cheap as 50 cents for some great bestselling novels! Good books can be expensive which deters from the reading experience. BookBub is one of the best reading hacks to keep everyone’s reading habits strong and ongoing.

Listen to audiobooks.

Another great reading lifehack for book lovers is to listen to audiobooks when good books are out of reach. If you are in the car, this is a great option. Audiobooks can heighten the reading experience by adding different voices to the mix. This makes a good book even better by letting you imagine the characters in more detail.

Leave your phone on the charger.

When you decide it’s time to read, a necessary reading lifehack is to leave your phone on the charge or keep it away from you every time you sit down with a good book. This way, you really get to focus and dive into the story in front of you. Your reading experience will be heightened exponentially if you really take the time to engage in the text. You will also be able to speed read much quicker without your phone being a constant distraction. 

Join a local book club.

Joining a book club is a great reading hack for readers who find that that have become lonely in their reading habits. While reading is something that one does alone, it can also become a social activity if you join a book club and learn to discuss the text with others. Finding a good book that you can talk about with others and connect with others over is so moving and can really create lasting friendships. Almost every community has a book club, so consider finding the right one for you.

Read multiple books at once.

A great reading lifehack is to read multiple books at a time so that you never get bored. Keep one book at home, one book at the office, and even one in your purse for when you’re waiting at an appointment or running errands. You never know when you’ll have time to read! Read different genres and switch between fiction and nonfiction books. There are so many book options out there. By keeping your options varied and reading multiples at a time, your love for books will grow and your reading experience will be fruitful.

Don't ever finish a bad book.

An important reading lifehack to remember is to never finish a bad book. Your reading experience will always be tarnished if you think there is a rule about always finishing books. If you don’t like a book, don’t waste your time reading it. Just like people and food, not every book is going to be for you. That’s okay! Stop reading it. Move on. Life is too short to waste your time on bad books when there are so many good books out there for you to be reading and falling in love with. Remember, reading a lot doesn't mean you've read everything.

Make books mean something.

Building on the last point, one of the great reading lifehacks is to find your purpose within books. Read books that speak to you. Keep those books close to you and reread them whenever you feel you need to be uplifted again. Books can move the soul in magical ways. Keep reading and you’ll see how much books can mean!

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Must Know Reading Lifehacks for Bookworms
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