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New App May Help You Earn Side Cash??

It's called Dosh.

Lots of apps claim to help you earn money on the side, but a lot of them are ridiculous and I have pretty much tried them all. From taking surveys, watching video ads, scratch offs apps, to an app that you just click a block of ice to chip away and it reveals a 300 gift card. They seem legit at first but it ends up ALWAYS having a catch. With the surveys you only earn .25 per survey and only was offered five surveys a day, the scratch offs were based on a point system and it took 75,000 points to get a $5 dollar gift card and don't even get me started on the block of ice. My fingers are still cramping and after a month I wasn't even close. 

Lately though I've seen a lot of ads on my social media about this particular app, so I said what the heck and downloaded it.

Here is my story.

Scam or Nah?

 I went through the process of signing up, verifying my email, and linked my card.  Hint, prepaid cards don't work. I tried. I'm very wary about putting actual bank cards on these kinds of apps, but after reading the reviews and social media surrounding this app, I didn't see a hint of hidden fees. This app is one hundred percent free, so that's a bonus so far. Also to get paid you have to have a card linked. 

 After finishing up the sign up process I received $5 dollars. Not bad, more than I've earned before. The balance you have to have before you can transfer your finds to your card is $15. I was a little bummed they had a minimum amount you have to have to cash out until I caught a glimpse of one of their promotions...


Of course this is mainly a cash back app, but the big promotion is for referrals. Until January 21st you get $15 per referral. You do need to make sure they verify their email and link a card to receive your money. After seeing this I was ecstatic and quickly posted on all of my social media. It was well received and any doubts were easily quenched. Not bad for some side cash! Let's keep searching though.


Cash back is the other way to earn money. This can be online shopping or you enter your location to see deals in your area and still get cash back. I quickly checked out some of the online retailers. Among the list was Wal-Mart, Target, Macy's, Old Navy, and they even have brands like Nordstrom??? YASSSSSS! *Sassy finger snap*

Dining Out 😍

Wait. Wait. Wait. Cash back for eating? Need I say more? It's like my second favorite hobby. Just put in your location and see the great deals.


BONUS! Taking a trip soon? Get cash back on your hotel stay! That's really awesome! I'll definitely keep this in mind because who doesn't need an extra shopping money while on vacation???

My Findings

After all my detective work....

This app is legit. I mean you are not going to get rich and it's definitely not an alternative for a job, but hey who doesn't love extra cash? Especially after all that holiday spending. I've seen people who made $40 to people who have made over $200. The average being $120. It's worth it. Take advantage of the referral program while you still can. It ends January 21st.

A couple of side notes. Make sure your referrals verify their email and link their card so you get paid and they get their $5 for signing up. If you're interested just click my link from above and get started. Get yourself some extra spending cash!

*Sassy finger snap*

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New App May Help You Earn Side Cash??
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