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Open When...

Letters to Your Significant Other

I thought this was a cute idea and have been wanting to do this for the right guy for a while. Finally I found the right guy to do it for. We are engaged and I think the timing is perfect now because we both know what we want in life and know it will be with each other. 

Now this is a cheap, fun DIY to do for your boyfriend/girlfriend, fiancé, or husband/wife. I won't say it's free unless you have envelopes already. Also, if you would like to add pictures and you don't have a printer at home, then it costs to get pictures printed. But also if you don't have the money to get envelopes but you do have paper, you can always make envelopes out of paper, which is what I did. 

Are you ready to do this DIY but you don't know what topics to do? Here are the top 20 topics I have. 

  1. Open First - So this letter is supposed to be opened when they first receive the letters. This you will explain what these letters are and what they are supposed to do with them and when they should read them. 
  2. Open when... You're missing me.
  3. Open when... You're bored.
  4. Open when... You can't sleep.
  5. Open when... You need motivation.
  6. Open when... You need a hug.
  7. Open when... You're sad.
  8. Open when... You're mad. 
  9. Open when... You need a good laugh. 
  10. Open when... You need to smile. 
  11. Open when... You're happy.
  12. Open when... You're having a bad day.
  13. Open when... You need to know "I Love You." 
  14. Open when... You are feeling hurt. 
  15. Open when... You miss my kisses.
  16. Open when... You feel lonely. 
  17. Open when... You need a reminder of good memories. 
  18. Open when... You're mad at me. 
  19. Open when... You need to see me. 
  20. Open when... You're stressed out. 
  21. Open when... We're fighting.
  22. Open when... You need a good cry. 
  23. Open when... You feel like giving up. 
  24. Open when... You need to make a hard decision. 
  25. Open when... You feel like you have nobody. 
  26. Open when... You're sick.
  27. Open when... You feel like running away and never returning. 
  28. Open when... You need a reminder of what the future holds for you.
  29. Open when... You want to feel appreciated.
  30. Open when... You need good song lyrics.

I could go on and on with more because there are plenty of different ones out there you can do. Whatever you think you want to do. For me, I have more than twenty. But that's just me. 

Now you do not need to do full letters for each of them. What I did was I wrote about 3-5 sentences and then put pictures that were related to that topic in there (but not all of them have pictures).

For example: #19 - I put pictures of myself in there. #17 I put pictures of him and I together and some with our son. #15 I put pictures of me making the kissy faces in there. And so on... 

You don't need money to be able to spoil your other half. I think this will help a lot of relationships because it helped mine. Whenever we're fighting, he always reads these letters and I'm glad that's his resource of when he's mad instead of something bad. 

If you guys liked this post please let me know so that I can make more of these! I hope this is helpful for many of you! 

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Open When...
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