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Passive Income Ideas

Multiple Ideas on How to Create Some Extra Income on the Side

"A current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes; coins and banknotes collectively."

Let's talk about the obvious fact first. You cannot function in this world without money. Without money, we wouldn't be able to buy or pay for things, such as:
  • Groceries
  • House Bills
  • Car Payments
  • Fuel
  • Insurance
  • Medical Expenses
  • Education
  • [School] Clothes
  • Transport
  • Mortgages/Other Loans
  • Rent

There's a lot you can't do without money, and I for one would like to ensure I can always afford to eat while living under a roof.

I for one, am very fortunate to still be living at home with my parents right now. But that doesn't change the fact that should I want to buy my own house one day, I will very much need to save up for a deposit. Least we forget covering transport and other bills I need to cover for day to day living.

That's where passive income comes in. Or the "side hustle" if you prefer.

I'm going to give you a variety of suggestions from which you could earn from, but, they won't all suit everybody.
Depending on your skills and interests, will depend on what you could/would want to do.

Content Creation

Starting with the more obvious one, content creating.

  • Blog Posts
  • Video
  • Vocal

These are three different types of content creation you could do.

While the blog posts and video creating might not make you money instantly, should it be something you're passionate about then you'll be more than happy to keep at it and build up a writing/video portfolio as you start getting results.

For those of you who do not know, with Vocal, you can earn a small sum of money for each read a post of yours gets. Readers also have the option to give you a tip - anywhere from $1-$10 - should they like your work. Again, the more you write, the more of a portfolio you create for yourself.


Are you good at creating CV's? Know how to code? Or maybe you're skilled at being a virtual assistant?

If you don't know how to get started at being a freelancer, simply take some time into researching what you need to know. See who would be interested in your services, and take that leap into freelancing.

The best bit about freelancing is you can decide the hours you want to work. So long as you're producing good work and having happy clients, you should start to build up a clientele. 

Self-Publish Books

A common way for people to make some extra money is to write ebooks. But whether you'd wish to publish ebooks or physical copies, the choice is yours.

Create your book, decide how you wish to self-publish - there are plenty of people online who have written or filmed informative tutorials/explanations on how to do this. Remember to also look into how you can successfully promote your book to help get you some results! 

Online Courses

Creating an online course is something I would love to do at some point in the future.

The prices of online courses can vary dramatically. So it's up to you how much you'd like to charge.

If you feel like you have a good amount of knowledge on a subject, and believe you could teach it, why not try creating an online course.

As well as online courses, you could look into hosting live webinars. Perhaps even one-to-one tutoring. So long as you set your mind to it, the options are endless.

Game Making/Apps

This is aimed towards those who know the required code.

But, should you be interested in taking on the task, you could create a small game or mobile app in your spare time.

I'm no code expert, but I do have basic art skills. Game and app creating are projects my partner and I have considered as possible passive income for us both.

Affiliate Links

You can earn commission through affiliate links. Be it with Amazon, Audible, or an online store you shop at/work with.

So long as people are using your links, you can build up a sum of money over time.

Money doesn't grow on trees, and it's not always earned overnight. But, with hard work and dedication, you could find yourself earning some extra money.

Want to learn some money saving methods? Click here!

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Passive Income Ideas
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