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Saving Money the Easy Way

How to amass $140.00 without really trying.

The results of one jar full.

Do you find it hard to save money to buy that special Tech Gadget you have always wanted to get? It's so painful to just cough up the cash to go out and buy it outright, and it is a matter of discipline to save a little bit out of each paycheck. You always find a different use for that cash that is sitting around. Well, I discovered a simple, painless, fool-proof way to save between $110 and $140 in as short as a few months. This could work for you, too!

These are the items you will need: An empty one-quart glass mayo jar, A box of assorted coin rollers, A screwdriver or other sharp object, A Sharpie permanent marker and A hammer.

Step One:

Use the screwdriver to poke or cut a slot at least the size of a quarter in the jar lid.

This is a photo of the jar with the hole already cut and the marking "NO PENNIES" on top. The reason for this marking will be explained later.

I used the screwdriver and hammer to poke the hole in a slit pattern. BE CAREFUL not to tap the screwdriver too hard! You could break the glass jar. The metal of these lids is pretty soft. If you can only find a mayo jar with a plastic lid, you could use an Exacto knife, utility knife or box cutter to cut the hole.

Step Two:

Be sure to flatten down the sharp edges after poking the hole in the top.

I used the hammer to pound down the sharp edges of the lid. Also to flatten the lid back out because the hammering of the screwdriver to cut the slit in the lid bent the lid in just a bit.

Step Three:

The reason we use ONLY Quarters, Dimes and Nickels and NO Pennies is this: When the quart jar is filled to the top with coins, it will ALWAYS come out to about $110.00 to $140.00 in coins.

Here is how it works:

When you spend ANY cash, ONLY spend bills (Ones, Fives, Ten's, Twenties, etc.) DO NOT give a teller exact change EVER! ALWAYS work it so that you get back at least some coins for your change.

You MUST NOT "fool with" or manipulate the "Natural Distribution" of the coins you get back when breaking bills! Just empty your pocket or purse every day or every few days and put the coins you got into the jar.

NEVER spend any of the coins. ALWAYS take the change, remove the pennies into a different container and put ONLY the Nickels, Dimes and Quarters into the jar.

With the natural distribution of coins you get back in change from ONLY breaking bills, you will ALWAYS end up with between $110.00 and $140.00 in the jar when it is full.

($110.00 if you just fill the jar to the mid-point of the place where the jar narrows and $140.00 if you fill it until the coins are right to the top of the neck.)

Step Four:

When the jar is full, roll the coins according to denomination. Many banks don't have coin counters anymore and insist on receiving a bunch of coins you cash in ONLY if they are rolled. Be sure to put the exact amount of coins into each coin wrapper that is marked on the outside of it.

We purchased a bulk box of coin wrappers at Wal-Mart for under $3.00. This is WAY LESS than the 10% that CoinStar will deduct from your cash when taking it down to the supermarket and putting it into their green machine. Sure, it takes a bit of time to roll the coins, but just get a TV tray, turn on the latest episode of "Scorpion", "The Good Doctor", "Mark Levin TV", "Criminal Minds", "Limitless" or "The Blaze" and you'll be done in no time.

Here's the proof:

This is a photo of my deposit slip the day I turned in the coins.

If you try this and get different results please drop me a line. I'd also love to hear how long it takes you to fill your jar.

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Saving Money the Easy Way
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