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Shopping Dos and Don'ts

How to Be a Smart, Simple, and Stylish Shopaholic

Shopping, shopping, SHOPPING! You've got to love it! I mean, who doesn't like cruising through a mall to find all the items of their dreams and having an excuse to eat fast food? We all know that shopping for what you want is so amusing, but it can be difficult too.

There are always some dilemmas that will come our way and it's better to follow this word of advice: prepare for it or avoid it. When shopping, there are often problems that we brought ourselves into which could easily be avoided; but I understand that it's not always your fault, so you can prevent these issues from ruining your experience and "be prepared!" (Taken from the infamous line of Scar from the Lion King).

Here is how to shop wisely, efficiently, and happily:

1. Making a List, Checking It Twice!

Boring! I know. But making lists to bring with you on your mall excursions is very significant. If you have a few things you need to get while your out, writing this down (or even typing it into your phone) really helps you to prioritize and buy everything you came for. This doesn't necessarily mean you don't sidetrack a little and get that bomber jacket that's half off, but it will ensure you remember why you went there in the first place. Unless you came for fun to just buy whatever you'd like, this tip is a significant part of spending.

2. Keep your money safe

This always happens to me: I purchase some finger lickin' good poutine and then shove the money in my pocket, saying I'll put it back in my wallet later. The problem is, I go in my wallet at the cashier's desk so I can buy a sweet hoodie, but my money has been misplaced. Oh the agony! Searching for your cash is no fun, but also quite humiliating. You can prevent this from happening by taking the extra 5 seconds to step aside and put your cha-ching back into your wallet, coin purse, or wherever else you know you'll find it again. But make sure your money isn't visible (say, in the mesh pocket of your backpack) so that it won't be easily accessible for those with I'll will.

3. Don't be suspicious.

No one wants to be falsely accused of shoplifting (or at least I hope not...). You may have cold hands or want to make sure your money is in your pocket while you peruse a store, but that is a definite no no! Cashiers or workers may assume you are shoving an item inside and do a random check on you. This could slow you down from your tight schedule and create quite a spectacle. Instead, don't go into your pockets, bags or any other item holder while in a store (unless you are getting out money.) 

4. Bring extra money.

This tip is not intended for bragging or showing off, this is for emergencies. From taxes to pleasure, you may end up spending more than you thought. Now I'm not telling you to blow 500 big ones in a day, you might just bring an extra 50 or so. Regarding taxes, always make sure you have extra money on top of the price read on the tag (13 percent more to be exact). This way, you won't embarrass yourself and have to put that tank top back because you forgot about taxes. As well as bringing extra mula to the mall, you should go home with money remaining too. If you spent everything you brought, your money management is something to be questioned...

5. Birds of a feather flock together.

Perhaps you've heard this from your parents or teachers and ignored, it's importance. Although it sounds old (which it probably is) and irrelevant, this saying can prevent problems for you at the mall, or wherever you venture. It means you are assumed to be the same as the people you hang around. So if you go to the mall and a friend of yours (or maybe even a friend's friend) is goofing off or being a public nuisance, you are seen as one too. Or if your buddy snatches an Aero bar from the shelf (you can't really blame them, those are soooo good!) you could be arrested too. So choose a group of friends or individuals who you can trust will behave and limit the problems you'll have to face. 

Now that you know how to be an intelligent shopper, go out and enjoy shopping 'til you drop (within your paycheck)! Have you ever had any of these problems or maybe purchased a little more than needed? Well, you're not alone! I have and I'm sure you know others who have to. Make sure to share these situation solutions with them and any other people who could use this. Don't forget to go check out my previous posts (click the option below) and stay tuned for the future ones that are coming very soon!

XOXO - Legitimate  

See ya! (At the mall)

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Shopping Dos and Don'ts
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