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Side Income 101

Prepare to Earn Online

Freedom to earn as you see fit

How to Earn Online

I have been looking online for income opportunities since 2012. Following are some of the legit, free to join survey companies I have found. Notice the pay isn't life changing, but could pay your grocery bill for a month. Unless you have all your bills accounted for, I would recommend investing it into some kind interest account.

The great part about it is if you're 13 or older you can participate. It requires a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Computer is best for functionality. You can expect to make between $25 and $200 per month, depending on how much spare time you have set aside for yourself.

One thing to look out for is if you have a lot of household members. You usually need to enter their information prior to being accepted into the survey. But if you're willing to put in the time and save up $5000 dollars from it and invest it into something that returns 5%-10% per year, you could be looking at an extra $50 every month passively.

It is a really fun way to earn online. Try getting into a routine, making a coffee or having a soda while listening to your favorite music. Now I will introduce you to the websites that I use everyday to produce roughly $2000 per year.

Survey Sites

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

1. Swagbucks

This site pays out to PayPal in $25 increments. You can also choose to redeem for gift cards in $5 increments. Swagbucks awards points, and one point is equivalent to one cent. Expect to earn roughly $20 per month. Swagbucks offers a 10% referral commission as incentive to get your family and friends participating in it as well. Swagbucks has cash back on shopping at stores like as well as discounts on gift cards. Offers 1 cent for eligible disqualifications. Sign up today! Happy earnings.

2. Survey Junkie

Another survey site, which awards pay in U.S dollars. If you find yourself in another country, expect an amazing conversion into your own currency. Here in Canada, when I earn $10, it usually converts into $12 Canadian. The minimum withdrawal is $10. Pays by PayPal, and you can withdraw it directly into your bank account through PayPal. One point is equivalent to one cent. Expect 5+ surveys per day. Survey pay ranges from $0.30 cents up to $2.50. You will even be awarded 2-3 points if you are disqualified. However, there is no referral program offered.

3. LegerWeb

One of the highest reward sites I have come across. Pay ranges from 50 cents to $50 per survey. The highest amount I've received to date in four months is $10. Minimum withdrawal is $20 through PayPal. It does give you the option to withdraw into Air Miles or AeroPlan as well. When you refer family or friends with an email invitation, you will earn $1.00, but only if they do at least one survey.

4. I-Say (Ipsos)

This site pays 45 cents to 90 Cents per online survey. I have received surveys through the mail that have paid $15. This site pays 5 cents for disqualifications, as well as chances for sweepstakes winnings. Payments are made through PayPal, along with gift cards. PayPal's minimum withdrawal is $15, but the gift cards can be cashed out for $10. This site does offer a referral program to family and friends.

5. GlobalTestMarket

This program awards life points, and each survey ranges from 60 points to 400 points. 120 points is $1, this is the minimum withdrawal, and pays through PayPal and gift cards. This site has over 1 million likes on Facebook. The referral program may be available in your country.

6. MySurvey 

This site awards points ranging from 32 points up to 1000 points. 120 points is $1. Again, payments are made through PayPal or gift cards from popular online stores. You can expect to make $10-$30 per month. Click Here For U.S Site. You receive sweepstakes entries for disqualifications.

7. Opinion Outpost

This site awards 10 cents for one point. Survey pay ranges from 5 points to 500 points. Once, I received a $50 survey from them. They sometimes pay you to try products and let you keep them, but rarely. Payments are through PayPal or gift cards. No referral program offered. The site also awards quarterly sweepstakes entries for winnings up to $10 000. Click here for U.S Site

8. Branded Surveys

This site pays through PayPal and gift cards. Minimum withdrawal is 1000 points. 100 points is equal to $1. The only down side to this site is that the points are pending once you complete one of their surveys. It takes 1-3 weeks for the points to clear. There is a referral program included. Bonus points are awarded if you are in the top 100 earners. Expect to earn $10-$40 per month.

9. Loop Surveys

I recently signed up to this survey site, but it does not provide as many survey opportunities as the others. Payments are made through PayPal and gift cards. Minimum withdrawal is 2500 points. 100 points is equal to $1. You receive a 200 point bonus when you sign up.

10. Big Cash Use Code (g9zwh8bj)

This site requires a tablet or mobile phone. Use the code for bonus points. You can do surveys as well as watch ads to get paid. The maximum amount of ads you can view per withdrawal is 1700. 1 point is equal to 75 cents. Ads are 15-30 seconds in length. This app pays through PayPal and gift cards. Minimum withdrawal is 2500 points or $15. Pays in U.S dollars, so be sure to add in the conversion for your country's exchange.