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Simple Slime Recipes!

How to Make DIY Stretchy Satisfying Slimes!

Slime recipes!

Do you like slime? Well, let me tell you I absolutely love slime. It's so satisfying to play with! Plus, it's extremely easy to make your self at home!

Yeah, it's super easy to make at home, so, in this blog, I'm going to share 3 awesome recipes on how to make slime.

Please keep in mind you are using these recipes at your own risk. Also, if you are younger, have parental/adult permission or supervision when making slime. 

Foam slime

You will need:

• white PVA glue

• baby powder

• paint or food colouring (optionally)

• foam beads/ polystyrene balls

• activator

• a bowl

• a mixing utensils


First, add as much or as little PVA glue into a bowl.

Optionally add a little bit of paint or food coloring!

Next, add a few squirts of baby powder ( I recommend adding 2-5 squirts of baby powder).

Then add some foam beads. I think rainbow foam beads work nice ( I recommend adding medium foam beads)!

Give the mixture a mix together!

Next, add your activator. It will make your formula turn into slime! You can use a borax solution, laundry detergent, or even contact lens solution( the contact solution has to included boric acid in it) and bicarbonate of soda!

Only some contact lens solutions work, and a few certain laundry detergents work to make the slime!

I recommend using contact lens solution to make the slime.

Remember to be extremely careful making the slime! Especially with the activater!

Glossy slime!

You will need:

• white PVA glue

• conditioner

• baby oil

• colouring

• activator

• a bowl

• a mixing utensils


First of all, add your PVA glue to a bowl.

Next, add some colouring into the glue( you can use paint or food colouring).

Then add a couple squirts of baby oil to the mixture ( I recommend adding in 1-3 squirts).

Now add in conditioner to the mixture ( Once again around 1-2 squirts of conditioner).

Give the gloop a good mix together.

Then add your activator. As I mentioned before you can use contact lens solution and bicarbonate of soda or laundry detergent or borax!

Once your slime is finished put it in an air tight container for 1-4 days and let it sit, so it can get its maximum gloss.

Sand slime!

You will need:

• white PVA glue

• sand from the beach or a shop

• colouring (optional)

• lotion

• activator

• a mixing bowl

• a mixing utensil


Firstly add your white PVA glue to your bowl.

Secondly, add your paint or food dye( if you choose to add colour).

Next, add a little drop of lotion into the glue and colouring( The lotion will help the slime be more soft and stretchy).

Then add quite a bit of sand into the gloop (You can buy your sand from the shops or you can go down to the beach and grab some sand).

Now give the mixture a mix together, make sure it's all well combined.

Finally, add your activator, and stir it all together!

Once again you can use laundry detergent, borax solution, or contact solution to activate the slime (always be careful when you add your activator).

Then your slime is finished! 

I hope these recipes work well for you. They have definitely worked well for me!

Have a slimy day.

Hope you enjoy these slimes and slime recipes!

My favourite recipe out of these three has got to be the first one. So the foam slime!

How easy were these recipes?

The slimes would be good in a party bag, or just to fiddle with! The slimes would also be awesome to make at a sleepover!

Sooner or later I'm sure I'll post another few slime recipes on my blog!

Next time I might do a butter slime recipe; oh, or a coffee slime recipe!

Slime on!

Anna x

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Simple Slime Recipes!
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