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Houwzer 7 days ago
10 Awesome Lifehacks for First-time Home Buyers
When it comes to things that should be exciting but actually turn out to be stressful, buying your first home is at the top of the list. Prices are steep, inventory is limited, and finding a great age...
Nicola P. Young13 days ago
10 Lifehacks That Will Cut Cord Clutter Down Immensely
In the age of technology, one simply cannot escape the chaos of cords. Cell phone chargers, television hookups, gaming necessities, headphones—the curse of the cable hangs over us all. They wrap aroun...
Alex MC24 days ago
Origami Made Easy
Origami... the Japanese art of paper folding. The word itself might sound kind of scary to a new-comer, but in reality, origami is beautiful, simple, and so easy to start! These 5 examples are wonderf...
Ryan Whitakera month ago
10 Lifehacks Every Gym Rat Should Know
Despite the fact that I was a four-sport athlete in my high school years and worked a labor-intensive job directly out of undergrad, I firmly believe that going to the gym can still be a daunting expe...
Catie Consolo2 months ago
Click and Grow Testimonial
This is not a paid sponsorship or review, just a happy young gardener sharing her experience using this product. Are you a gardener with a green thumb? Do you breathe life into your plants without a s...
Ossiana Tepfenhart2 months ago
Best Lifehacks for Your Phone
If there's one invention that truly revolutionized the way we live, it's the smartphone. Smartphones allow us to stay in contact with loved ones, give us the ability to use apps for micro-investing sp...
Jessica Jones2 months ago
Five DIYs You Have to Try This Summer!
Here are five creative DIYs for you to try this summer that I'm sure you'll love.
Iggy Paulsen3 months ago
Best Lifehack Books
Life is hard, but does it really have to be? If you are a fan of learning lifehacks, then you probably already know the answer to that. Life will always be full of challenges, but if you have the righ...
Lynne Shumaker3 months ago
Essential Oil Hacks That Will Change Your Life
Essential oils are a wonderful, natural home remedy to turn to tend to a variety of needs: relaxation, concentration, memory, sleep, mental health, and a variety of physical ailments, such as essentia...