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Step by Step Guide to Installing Sliding Shower Doors

If you have decided to feel free to buy your sliding shower walled-in area, then the accompanying advice will assist you with the fun installation part!

It was not very far in the past that sliding shower doors were just a staple trademark in enormous name lodgings in Manhattan, Toronto and European urban communities like France and Milan. Today these are generally accessible all over and are ideal for your home or condo.

They are produced using treated glass, making them safe and simple to clean so they are considerably more sterile than a shower curtain that is inclined to develop mildew and mold. Also spills from holes in the curtain where the shower head quite often happens!

The doors by and large slide on rollers and furthermore accompany some awesome and viable handles ideal for individuals everything being equal. Like kitchen cupboards, they truly change the look and feel of your bathroom in a moment.

They are accessible in numerous designs with an assortment of glass choices so paying little heed to the décor in your bathroom, you are certain to discover a style that suits you. For instance, you could pick among iced and clear glass contingent upon how much protection you require.

How do you install them?

  1. Measure the width of the front of the shower where the track will be mounted. You will use this estimation to check the track and cut it with a hacksaw if need be. Remember this must be exact.
  2. Next, you will focus the base of the track with the front wall. If your track is a bit excessively cozy, trim it the scarcest sum and afterward take a stab at fitting it once more. Keep doing this until it slides into place effortlessly. You might need to stamp the careful situating with a pencil just on the off chance that it slides on you while you are working so you can undoubtedly return it in its place without assessing the entire track once more.
  3. Install one door support on one side of the shower. The base should fit precisely over the track's edge. Imprint where the screw gaps will run with a pencil, expel the supports, and use a mallet with a steel punch to tap the spots where the screws ought to go into the tile. You should just make a little scratch to use as a rule.
  4. Put the door pillar back up and use a drill with the correct size piece to make gaps in the tiles. At that point, you will probably make the pillar stationary by penetrating in the screws. Rehash this entire strategy on the opposite side for the other door support. Continuously be careful that the base track stays in accordance with the pencil marks you made or it will cause your introduce to be abnormal which implies the doors won't slide appropriately.
  5. Use a hacksaw to remove any abundant length to the door pillar and after that fit the top track over these supports. Tap set up with a mallet.
  6. Install the rollers on the base of the two doors in their designated territories. A few designs will expect you to introduce top rollers also but most will accompany this piece of the get together done.
  7. Lift your sliding shower doors into the spot, introducing the top rollers first and afterward the last ones go in their track. Caulk at the edge of both door frames where they meet the tile to keep water from getting in there. Finally, caulk straight over the track's base within the shower and permit to dry according to producer specifications.


Ideally, this article has given you a few thoughts on the most proficient method to pick the privilege sliding shower door, and furthermore some unmistakable bearings on introducing it into your bathroom.

If you are as yet not certain if you need to proceed then one last thing I will say is to have a consider how much time you spend in your bathroom on a week by week premise. Is it not worthwhile for you to be totally content with the look and feel?

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Step by Step Guide to Installing Sliding Shower Doors
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