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Steps to Tranquility in a 24 Hour World

Loving You to Life

1. The first thing we all need to do is get in some “me time” on a regular basis! Go ahead, be totally selfish on occasion and love yourself enough to award YOU anywhere from ten minutes to an hour a day.  Do something productive that takes your mind off work or any other life stressors that may be present in your life. Your sanity and probably your family will thank you... profusely!

2. Get organized and stay organized as much as you possibly can! Try to maintain an organized work area. It adds so much stress when you need to lay your hands on a document and realize you first have to sift through mounds of paperwork to find something. The constant panic of wondering if you lost, discarded or misplaced items can contribute significantly to emotional stress when you need them right away.

3. We all need a change of environment every so often. Ambiance is everything! Remove yourself away from people or situations that bring stress to your day. If you can't, remove yourself from them! A few moments walking in the park or just taking in a bit of solitude can do wonders for stress relief.

4. Read! It’s free so pick up a magazine, book, crossword puzzle or newspaper and find an article that captivates you. Not only will you learn something new that could stimulate your intellect, it may inspire you to try something you've never done before.

5. Once in awhile but award yourself a tasty treat! It’s ok to take solace in a sweet treat. I call these my “stress be gone” moments. A hot cup of tea, hot cocoa, some candy or an ice cream sundae can do wonders to relive a stress filled day! So help yourself, your taste buds will say "Ahh!"

6. Invest in a hobby. Maybe you like to paint, sew, go sailing or bike riding a hobby releases endorphins to help you feel renewed. So find your passion, in addition to relaxing you'll learn more about the things that interest you.

7. Embrace your spirituality. A study published on WebMD revealed that people who engage in religious activity like church attendance or praying, had a positive effect on the participants by lowering their blood pressure.

8. Don't deprive yourself of a good night's rest! GET ENOUGH SLEEP! When you’re beyond exhausted you will not be able to function normally.  Besides, it's no fun to be around anybody if they're in a grumpy mood.

9. Do yourself a favor and eat right. If you starve your body of nutrients, over time your brain doesn’t function as it should and for those of you who are not aware of this coffee is NOT a major food group. LOL! Give yourself the chance to operate at one hundred ten percent capacity everyday.

10. No one likes to do it on a regular basis, but we all need to work out. Endorphins are released when you exercise. The euphoric feeling that is generated will lower stress. It's like getting high without the negative side effects, and it's free!

11. This is a biggie for me... turn off the electronics! You don't have to be on social media non-stop. This may be surprising to some of you, but trust me, the social media machine can survive without you for awhile. Turn off your laptop, phone, or tablet and allow yourself to be saturated in an atmosphere of tranquility. You won't get a good nights sleep if you're constantly waking up to check likes or respond to texts.

Need another reason. Welp, I'm confident you will feel brand new if you habitually implement the first 11 steps that make the entire list worth it!

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Steps to Tranquility in a 24 Hour World
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