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Student Tips for Healthy Eating on a Budget…

Student Life Hacks

As a student I try my best to cut down on shopping and really try to limit my spending but having a love for cooking and a real interest in nutrition, it is so hard to not to go in to Holland and Barretts and spend your weekly allowance at once!

There have been days where I have spent an extortionate amount of money on "superseeds" and "superpowders" which claim they will make you live forever and is it just me or are the price of nuts just so expensive?

Why are we living in a world which costs us more to buy a small bag of almonds than a bag of McDonalds chips? How can we be healthier, when there is so much junk food on offer, for the fraction of price?

As I have a real interest in healthy food, I decided to conjure up a small list of foods that are not only delicious but won’t cost a fortune. Therefore they can be enjoyed daily! I have to admit I am not a dietician, but just a student who reads a lot about this stuff and who use lives by these staples.

The first item on my list has to be oats, I know you have probably heard how brilliant these little powerhouses are, but if not then believe me, they really are, not only for you body, but they are so versatile. Costing around £1 in most shops for 1kg, that’s breakfast sorted for while! I love to either make warming bowls of porridge every morning or if I know I’ve got a 9am lecture the next morning, I will make overnight oats, and voila! Done!

The next item is natural yogurt, the benefits of natural yogurt are endless. The bacteria in the yoghurt works wonders for the gut, contributing to overall good health and smooth skin! If you’re not keen on the plain/unflavoured Greek kind and need something sweet, try and add some fruit or add some honey on top, to hit that satisfying feeling. Try if you can avoid the flavoured yoghurt, as these are usually jam packed with added sugar.

Although you might find this one a tad boring, the next on my list is canned beans or peas, particularly chickpeas. Available in most stores and supermarkets this cupboard staple is so versatile! If not adding to meals, try and mash them up with a bit lemon juice and olive oil and you have yourself hummus! Or shape them into small balls and bake them, and you have yourself falafel… These not only are a great source of protein, but there really inexpensive, so pick up a couple of cans next time you're in store.

A couple of tips and money saving hacks for fellow students or anyone looking to cut costs down, is that try and not buy the microwavable packets of rice, although I have to admit they are a lifesaver for when you want something quick to eat, a small packet can cost £2 for one serving. You can buy a big kilogram of uncooked rice for a fraction of the price, I know it takes longer to cook but your wallet will thank you.

And last but not least, buying branded labels although may seem the better and in some cases the healthier choice, buy the stores own label of the same product. I started doing this and noticed that the ingredients used in both were the same! But the store make was half the price!

There is so much more I could add to this list, but the last item on has to be water! The most inexpensive and healthiest beverages available, try and drink a glass every hour, and you will see your skin glowing after a while.

As long you’re eating a balanced diet with veg and fruit, to me that sounds like you’re doing pretty good, after a while with the money you’ve have saved from these tricks, treat yourself to night out or buy something for yourself…

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Student Tips for Healthy Eating on a Budget…
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