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Patricia H8 days ago
The Things You Can Do with Chalkboard Paint
Chalkboard paint is maybe the greatest craft tool I’ve ever used. It’s absolutely amazing the things you can do with a simple can or bottle of chalkboard paint. So easy to use, you don’t have to be a ...
Ashly Williams17 days ago
Where Does the Word Gift Ribbon Come From
Ribbons make wonderful accessories for creative and decorative purpose including hangtags, gift-wrapping, invitations, and greeting cards. Additionally, ribbons and bows are also used to make hair bra...
Flora Mayera month ago
How to Make a Push Pin Travel Map
Are you a travel enthusiast looking for a way to preserve the memories of the places you have already visited and, at the same time, set a reminder for all the places that you wish to visit? If yes, t...
Perler Bead DIY: Block from 'Super Mario Bros. 3'
Greetings, my nerdy fam. Some great things have happened to me recently. Late last week, I got engaged to my fiance, Dale. No wedding date has been set yet, but we're hoping to tie the knot before the...
A Hand Puppet Named Serena
I would watch kids' shows all the time in my youth. There would be times when I would watch a show and say "Hey! I want to be like them!" One of the shows I had came across was "Oobi," a show about ha...
Kevin 2 months ago
11 Halloween Costume Hacks for Easy Costume Making
Halloween should be a stressless night, and your costume should be, too. If you are low on time or just want to amp up a costume you already have, here are some awesome Halloween costumes.
Sasha McGregor2 months ago
Top 2019 DIY Trends You Need to Be DIYing Right Now
The DIY, or do it yourself, trend has been rising over the years as more and more people enjoy crafting and creating their own work of art that is customizable to their needs and is unique to who they...
Jade Renteria2 months ago
Day Challenge (2)
Hello, I'm doing another Day Challenge. So today's challenge is "Do you collect anything?" OH, that's a good question. I'm sure we all collect something. Even I do too. So I will explain what I collec...
Isla Wright2 months ago
How to Design the Perfect Man Cave
It’s your little world where you’re the king! Your personal space should have everything that makes you truly happy and stress-free, from technology to comfortable furniture to your hobby items. Hones...
Heather Wilkins2 months ago
Knitting Therapy
I am a big knitter and I have just started to branch out into bigger knit projects besides making garter stitch and ribbing patterns. I have made a shawl and learned a few things along the way. But he...
Shaking Bird3 months ago
Oil Painting: The Absolute Beginner's Supply List
So you're beginning to paint in oils. Yay! You're embarking on a marvelous adventure with one of the most forgiving, versatile, and historic mediums available. So far so good. But you're probably read...
Yarnwork Joys3 months ago
7 Basic Crochet Stitches
Crocheting is more than having the most basic materials. You have to know what you are doing, especially when you start working on patterns other people have created. Of all the patterns I've worked t...
6 Stylish Decorating Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bookshelf!
If you are just like the rest of us avid readers and design enthusiasts, we are pretty sure you, too, won’t settle for anything less than a stylish bookshelf. From DIY floating book shelves, to built-...
Pamela k Conoly3 months ago
Fashion Illustration Art, Blending Facial Colors
I first started drawing when I was in elementary school and became very good at drawing trees. When I got to middle school it was the first time I had learned that the eyes are the window to the soul....
Shaking Bird3 months ago
Absolute Beginners: How to Clean Up After Painting in Oils
As a teenager, I struggled to teach myself how to paint with oils. Its various quirks and complexities outwitted my stubbornness and eventually overwhelmed me to the point where I swore them off compl...
Shaking Bird4 months ago
5 Thrifty Artist Tools to Make Life Awesome
Wouldn't it be bliss if creating a masterpiece was as easy as picking up a brush and laying down paint? No cleanup, no mismatched eyes, no losing bristles, no losing patience. There was a time when I ...
Indy Summers4 months ago
How to Hack the Holidays
If you're tired of having stressful holidays year after year, it's time to break the cycle. With Christmas quite a few months away, what better time than now to get started with your holiday prep?
10 Best Hole Punchers for Scrapbooking
You've taken great care in trying to get the perfect pictures of your exploits. You got them printed professionally, and they look great. Now, you're going to need to create a scrapbook that shows off...